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Bhutanese economy could feel the impact of INR depreciation

Bhutanese economy could feel the impact of INR depreciation

The Indian rupee has depreciated against the dollar reaching 66 against the dollar as of today. This has entailed several speculations in the local market since the ngultrum is pegged at par with the Indian rupee.

Dungsam Polymers Limited profit drops significantly

Dungsam-Polymers1 (1)

Although revenue in terms of production and sales has improved, the Dungsam Polymers Limited, that manufactures polythene bags, recorded a significant drop in profit in the second quarter this year.

Import of noodles increasing

Import of noodles increasing-

Bhutan Trade Statistics shows import of noodles increasing, every year.

Inflation continues to drop

Inflation continues to drop-

Even as fuel price increases, Bhutan’s consumer inflation has continued to decrease since October last year, reaching an all time low at 5 percent in May this year.

Loans may become cheaper

Loans may become cheaper-

The minimum-lending rate, called the base rate for most financial institutions, has decreased this year, compared to last. Base rate is the minimum lending rate below which banks are not permitted to lend.

Inflation at its lowest

Overall Inflation-

Bhutan’s consumer inflation fell to its lowest since last year beginning reaching 5.6 percent in April this year. In the previous month it was recorded at 6.2 percent. Food prices slowed down to 3.8 percent in April from 4.7 percent and non-food prices slowed to 6.9 percent from 7.2 percent in the same months.

Dungsam Polymers makes its first profit

Dungsam Polymers makes its first profit-

After running into loss to the tune of Nu 28M last year, Dungsam polymers made its first profit at Nu 3.8M in the first quarter this year. The profit was attributed to several cost-cutting measures and marginal increase in terms of sale of cement bags to Dungsam cement.

STCB to export boulders and vegetables

STCB to export boulders and vegetables--

The State Trading Corporation of Bhutan Limited (STCBL) is exploring the possibility of large-scale export of vegetables and boulders to India and Bangladesh. This follows after the government hinted on taking away its explosive business, which is its second largest revenue-earning portfolio.

Green tax, detrimental to economy: BCCI


The Bhutan Chamber of Commerce and Industry (BCCI) has submitted a paper to the government studying and recommending impacts, of the five percent fuel tax, on the country’s economy.

Cottage and small industries sees impressive growth

Cottage and small industries sees impressive growth-

Cottage and small industries saw an impressive growth of 21 percent, last year. Cottage and small industries now make up 96 percent of the country’s total industries.

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