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Increase of Nu 15 B as loans


The loans provided to public as of June 2016 increased by Nu 15 B compared to June, last year. As per the Financial Sector Performance Review Report of the Central Bank, in June 2015, financial institutions gave Nu 71 B as loans and the number increased to Nu 86 B, this June.

Druk PNB lowers interest rates


Druk Panjab National Bank clients can now avail loans at lower interest rates starting, today. The bank has lowered its interest rates from 1 to 3.5 percent on its various loan products. Druk PNB is the last financial institution in the country to revise its lending interest rates following the introduction of Minimum Lending Rate of 6.75 percent by the central bank.

T Bank revises lending rates


T Bank Limited reduced lending rates by an average of 2.04 percent with effect today.

Bhutan hosts trade fair


Bhutan is hosting the 13th SAARC Trade Fair in Thimphu, this year. Over 177 companies from Bhutan, Bangladesh, India, and Nepal are participating in the trade fair.

Overall inflation decreases

Overall inflation decreases--

The overall inflation rate in the country has decreased by 0.7 percent in the last one year. But the price of food items, both domestic and imported, has increased by around 4 percent, as per the consumer price index published by the National Statistical Bureau.

New interest rate policy to replace the old one

New interest rate policy to replace the old one--

A new interest rate policy, called the National Minimum Lending Rate, will soon replace the current base rate system of determining bank interest rates. The new policy is expected to generate more competition among financial institutions to offer interest rates in productive areas.

Consumer Inflation on a steady rise

Consumer Inflation on a steady rise-

After receding to an all time low, Bhutan’s consumer inflation has been on a steady increase since March this year. The inflation increased from 2.9 percent in March to 3.3 percent in May, this year.

Bhutan’s foreign currency reserve decreasing steadily

Bhutan’s foreign currency reserve decreasing steadily-

From September last year till date, Bhutan’s foreign currency reserve, including Indian rupee, has been averaging more than US$ 1 B which roughly translates to Nu 68 B.

RSEBL calls for economic reforms

RSEBL calls for economic reforms-

Besides the recommendations made by the World Bank to improve the financial sector, Bhutan’s stock exchange, the Royal Securities Exchange of Bhutan Ltd (RSEBL) is calling for reforms from within the economy.

Government requests RMA to lower interest rates on loans

Government requests RMA to lower interest rates on loans-

The government is requesting the central bank to review interest rates on loans and study the possibility of lowering it down to make it more affordable to the borrowers.

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