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Cybercrime: Private affairs going public


Numbers of amateur pornography or obscene clips, especially shot on mobile phones, have gone viral among the local mobile users.

Silver seized


Around 280 grams of silver was seized by customs officials at the Paro International Airport, last Friday. The silver was being brought to the country by an Indian national hidden inside his luggage bag. The accused was travelling in Bhutan Airlines from Bangkok.

Paro Police seizes over 500 kilograms of illegal sandalwood


Paro Forest officials and Paro Police jointly seized over 500 kilograms of illegal sandalwood on Saturday last week. Following a tip-off, the officials found 57 pieces of sandalwood from the offender’s house at around 12:30am on Friday. The sandalwood was found packed in gunny bags and hidden under wooden floor.

Father accused of raping daughter


A 39-year-old man from Chhuzanggang has been detained by the Gelegphu Police. He has been accused of raping his 16-year-old daughter since December 2013.

Paro police seizes 90 pieces of Sandalwood


The Paro police seized 90 pieces of Sandalwood from a man in Tsento Gewog in Paro on Monday evening. The sandalwood weighing 733 kilograms was seized at 6pm from his house in Tsento Gewog.

Men detained while attempting to smuggle gold

Men detained while attempting to smuggle gold

Three Indian citizens have been detained for attempting to smuggle gold through Paro airport, today. The customs officials seized 500 grams of gold from the two. They both had gold chains around their neck and had some hidden in their undergarments.

Illegal sandalwood seized in Paro again

Illegal sandalwood seized-Paro

Forestry officials in Paro seized 59 pieces of illegal sandalwood from Chhuzom at around 11pm on Saturday.

Police confiscates smuggled tobacco products

Police confiscates smuggled tobacco products-Paro

The Paro Police confiscated 1,000 packets of cigarettes and 9,600 packets of chewing tobacco from a 25-year-old man, today.

Man detained in connection of illegal sandalwood consignment

Man detained in connection illegal sandalwood consignment

(Update): A man in his late twenties from Tsento Gewog has been arrested by Paro Police in connection with the case where a forestry official was injured when some miscreants pelted stones at the officials on duty.

Stones hurtled at forestry officials injuring one

Stones hurtled at forestry officials injuring one

Miscreants pelted stones at a group of forestry officials, injuring one of them, at around 3:30am, in Paro, today. The official sustained a four-centimetre gash on the head and had to get nine stitches.



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