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Poor orange yield concerns exporters in Gelegphu

Orange export season in Gelegphu normally starts from the beginning of November. However, this time the export of oranges to Bangladesh began from November  27. The exporters say the delay is due to poor yield compared to the past years. 

Urka Bangla pickle from Trashi Yangtse

Bhutanese cuisine is known for its spiciness and the diet remains incomplete without chillies. Taking advantage of this, a group of women from Tashi Yangtse are into producing chilli pickle locally known as Urka Bangla pickle. The group made around Nu 0.4 M from selling the pickle this year. 

Five high-end hotels in Bhutan recognized

dusitD2 hotel in Bhutan bagged six accolades including the Best Italian Cuisine in Asia at the prestigious Haute Grandeur Global Hotel awards last month in Malaysia.

Enhancing export quality requirements of local food items

Although there is a growing demand for local food items in the international market, the products fail to meet the international requirements. So to help Bhutan take advantage of the premium market, a two-day workshop on export quality management was held in Thimphu.

Team Druk Rimdo Service bags the best business idea

Team Druk Rimdo Service, an online service for rituals, won the best business idea at Thimphu Global Women Start-up Weekend yesterday. Twenty women from diverse backgrounds took part in the event.

Local yarn producers and buyers meet to establish business connections

Despite the potential, the production of local yarns in the country has not been as expected. This is mainly due to lack of coordination between its sellers and buyers. Bridging this gap, a two-day business meet between the two is underway in Thimphu.

Broiler farming in Samdrupchhoeling proves lucrative

The broiler farming in Samdrupchhoeling Dungkhag in Samdrup Jongkhar is proving to be a lucrative business since it was introduced in 2015. Besides improving the livelihoods of the farmers, it has helped to cut down the import of chicken from India.

Stock market sees significant growth

The Bhutanese stock market, considered among the smallest stock markets in the world, has been seeing significant growth since the last five years. Going by its records, the volume of trading of shares has been increasing alongside the market’s value.

MoU signed to strengthen business competitiveness

Towards strengthening business competitiveness through brands and designs among the local manufacturers and producers, the Ministry of Economic Affairs (MoEA) signed the memorandum of understanding (MoU) of a five-year project with the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) today. The project is expected to empower stakeholders to effectively use the intellectual property system in the country.

Milk Processing Unit in Zhemgang town struggles to market their produce

Once a thriving business, the Dangkhar-Trong Gonor Chituen Tshogpa , a milk production group in Zhemgang town is now struggling to market their dairy products.

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