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Cookie business picking up in Pema Gatshel

Venturing into a baking business has been the right decision for a group of girls in Pema Gatshel. With their cookie business picking up in the region, the group is now planning to further expand its business. Lack of proper baking equipment, however, remains a challenge for their business.

Dungsam Polymers Limited, sales drop 20 per cent in 2020

Like many industries in the country, 2020 was not a successful year for Dungsam Polymers Limited in Nganglam, Pema Gatshel. The company’s overall sales dropped by 20 per cent due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Dungsam Polymers is a manufacturing company of poly or plastic woven bags commonly used for packing cement and rice among other goods.

Shopkeepers undergo test to replace the existing shops in Thromde, Thimphu

In order to provide equal opportunity to all shops in Thimphu amid the lockdown, over a hundred shops operating till now will be replaced starting tomorrow. This is to let the incoming shops clear their old stock and to let their businesses sustain. To this effect, over a hundred shop owners underwent tests for COVID-19 today.

Outreach bank to the relief of orange growers in Nganglam

To ease the problems faced by orange growers and Indian traders in Nganglam, the Dungkhag COVID-19 Taskforce and the Bank of Bhutan have started a temporary banking service at the Mini Dry Port. And people are all smiles. 

Raising chili seedlings in Polytunnel, faster and healthier

In Punakha, locals of Yebisa Chiwog have found an alternative to raise chili seedlings – an easier and better one. Polytunnel, a mini-greenhouse has replaced the conventional method of raising chili seedlings in an open area.

Fortune out of betel nut in Paro

Taking advantage of the lockdown and the demand, doma dealers in Paro are making fortune like never before out of betel nut. Doma is a must-have commodity for the residents there and dealers are paying equal attention to their needs.

Tsirang maintains continuous supply of poultry feed

Both poultry farmers and feed agents in Tsirang learned a lot of lessons after the first nationwide lockdown in August last year. The district reported an acute shortage of poultry feed during the first lockdown, claiming the lives of several birds, but not this time.

A graduate in farm inspires farmers

For many, looking for a job is becoming a secondary option now. As the country records increasing youth going back to their village to work in farms, a young graduate in Zhemgang steals the attention of many, this time.

Hoteliers relieved with the mandatory quarantine reinstated in Gelegphu

Business for some 27 hotels in Gelegphu is back on track after it remained idle for almost a week due to the suspension of the mandatory quarantine protocol. Mandatory quarantine for outbound travellers was reinstated on Wednesday last week after the relaxation of the lockdown.

Ngultrum eight more for goods and services

Between July and October last year, the price for goods and services increased by eight per cent on an average compared to the same period the previous year. This means people paid Ngultrum eight more for every Nu 100 they spent on goods and services. National Statistics Bureau released its monthly Consumer Price Index (CPI) […]

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