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Growing demand for sand

The ever-increasing construction activities in the country are leading to a growing demand for sand. The Natural Resources Development Corporation Limited (NRDCL) in Wangdue Phodrang says from 80 truckloads of sand in 2007, the demand for sand today has gone up by 170 truckloads per day.

Damchu-Chhukha bypass deals Tsimasham businesses a blow

The Damchu-Chhukha bypass is a boon for the travellers, but for the people of Tsimasham, the opening of the bypass in July has dealt the town’s businesses quite a blow.

Bad road prevents Jeri-Lemi farmers from taking potatoes to auction yard

Potato is the main cash crop of the people of Jiri-Lemi of Khaling Gewog in Trashigang. This time, they are worried they may not be able to take their potatoes to the auction yard.

Lemongrass oil extraction becomes a thing of the past in Bartsham

As the yield dwindled and labour costs shot up, farmers in Bartsham, Trashigang involved in lemongrass oil extraction faltered in their resolution to continue with the trade.

Low cardamom price leaves farmers in Darla disappointed

The farmers of Darla Gewog in Chhukha are not happy with the current cardamom price in Phuentshogling. They said within a few years time, the price of cardamom has decreased significantly.

Maentsang farmers in Bartsham earn good money from walnuts

For the people of Maentsang village of Bartsham Gewog in Trashigang, walnut has now become an alternate source of income. Every household in the village owns a few walnut trees.

Chip budding to help hazelnut trees bear fruits

Hazelnut growers in the country have been left disappointed with the trees not bearing fruits. The Mountain Hazelnut Venture Private Limited has come up with a solution.

Access to finance main challenge for women entrepreneurs

Women entrepreneurs in the country say obtaining start-up financial capital is one of the main challenges faced by them, according to Caird research report released by the National Statistics Bureau (NSB) in May this year.

Dagana launches local farm products

The Dagana Dzongkhag launched its first local and organic farm products on August 24 in Tsenda-Gang Gewog. The farm products are labelled as Dagana Products.

Farmer in Lhuentse takes up commercial seed production

A farmer in Maenbi, Lhuentse has started producing seeds for commercial purpose. Thanks to him, people in his village do not have to depend solely on the gewog agriculture extension office for vegetable seeds.

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