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Water Project under the Desuung National Service Programme to benefit Telung, Pema Gatshel

Bhutan is known to be water abundant, with one of the highest reported water availability per capita in the region. However, issues with water accessibility continue to persist across the country. Similarly, accessing a safe and reliable drinking water supply is an everyday struggle for residents of Telung village in Pema Gatshel. But this is expected to resolve once the water project in the district is completed. The groundbreaking ceremony for the project was conducted this week. 

One of the most remote chiwogs in Samdrup Jongkhar gets a farm road

Residents of Nabbar-Philooma chiwog under Orong Gewog in Samdrup Jongkhar are all smiles as their wait for a farm road is over. The chiwog was connected with a farm road a month ago and the locals are already feeling the benefit. Nabbar-Philooma chiwog is one of the most remote chiwogs in Samdrup Jongkhar dzongkhag.

Home Care and Hospitality training to address shortage of domestic helpers

Respect, Educate, Nurture and Empower Women (RENEW) launched the Home Care and Hospitality Training to address the shortage of domestic helpers in the country. The programme designed by a woman for women is aimed at easing the lives of working parents in the country.

Boosting club’s awareness important, Rotary Club Thimphu

Bhutan became a member of the Rotary Club almost a decade ago. Since then, it has been engaged in numerous community-based sustainable projects worth Nu 120 million across the country. However, according to the club members, not many are aware of its existence and purpose. The club now wants to ramp up public awareness to make its initiatives more visible. 

Voters of the three Thromdes anticipate realistic pledges

With the election of the Thromde Tshogdes just at the doorstep, people are hopeful of better facilities. Voters of Gelegphu, Phuentshogling and Thimphu thromdes are hoping for a better road network and enough water supply. They are expecting the new Thrompon to bring about equal development in the thromde areas.

Increasing number of stray dogs in Zhemgang

With the increasing number of stray dogs in Zhemgang town, residents raised their concerns over the possibility of a rabies outbreak. They say, with many new stray dogs in the area, walking in and around the town has been also unsafe.

People of Chamkhar unhappy with the quality of blacktopping works

Residents of Chamkhar in Bumthang are not happy with the quality of blacktopping works in the town. It was done recently in one of the town’s internal roads. A local contractor in Chamkhar carried out the blacktopping works about one and a half months ago.

Tagtse will have a BHU by next year, Trongsa

Tagtse chiwog under Draagteng Gewog in Trongsa will have a Basic Health Unit (BHU) Grade-II by next year. The construction work is expected to start next week. But until it is complete, people have to travel to Kuenga Rabten BHU or Trongsa hospital which is almost 25 kilometres away, to avail health services.

Chewing doma becomes an expensive habit, Bumthang

Most Bhutanese have a weakness for areca nut, popularly known as doma. It is a dessert as well as snacks although health officials discourage chewing of doma which is often linked to the cases of oral and stomach cancers in the country. And many avid consumers of doma across the country saw the price hitting new high during the nationwide lockdown. In Bumthang 80 pieces (one pon) of the peeled nut are sold at around Nu 800, which is equivalent to the price of a 25 kg imported rice. However, with the relaxation of lockdown restrictions, prices are gradually falling, yet people still have to pay a hefty amount for the stimulant.

Skilled manpower shortage at Khuruthang-Bajo road widening project

The road widening work along the Khuruthang-Bajo National Secondary Highway is currently facing a shortage of skilled manpower and procurement of construction materials. Widening works are expected to be complete by July this year but it might get delayed due to the lockdowns. The work began in April last year.

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