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Three scout leaders recognised for their service

Three national scout leaders received their first ever gold, silver and bronze medal at the 5th National Scouts Day celebration in Trongsa today. The medal is awarded in recognition of their active service to the scouting movement in the country.

Ginger the new cash crop for farmers of Rikhey

Ginger is the newly found cash crop for the people of Rikhey in Samdrup Jongkhar. Farmers shifted to growing the spice after the trees of their age-old cash crop, orange, started dying due to diseases a few years ago.

NEC to reinforce plastic ban from April

From 1st of April this year, the National Environment Commission (NEC) will reinforce the ban on use and sale of plastic bags and wrappers, after the ban was first introduced 20 years ago.

Jongthang, Karshong villages in Trongsa lose livestock to wild predators

The farmers in Jongthang and Karshong villages in Nubi Gewog, Trongsa hardly let their cattle graze freely in the forest. That’s because wild predators like tigers and leopards have been preying on their livestock.

Singer Sonam Wangchen named UNICEF’s National Youth Ambassador

Popular Bhutanese singer and songwriter Sonam Wangchen has been announced as UNICEF National Youth Ambassador in Bhutan. The appointment – marked on World Children’s Day – makes the 16-year-old UNICEF’s first ever Bhutanese national ambassador.

Rice fields lie fallow as water shortage worsens in Langchenphu

The pains of agricultural water needs are growing across the country. In Langchenphu Gewog, Samdrup Jongkhar, the lack of irrigation water has compelled farmers to leave their rice fields fallow.

Lhuentse villagers wait for reconstruction of bridges destroyed by flood

The people of Kyidloong and Thimyul of Gangzur Gewog in Lhuentse want a suspension bridge constructed over Kurichhu and a bailey bridge over Rothpachhu. The old bridges were destroyed by a flash flood in July last year.

Landslides leave people of Yangmalashing in Pema Gatshel worried

The Yangmalashing village of Dechhenling Gewog in Pema Gatshel lies in a landslide prone area. Just last month, a landslide hit, leaving the farm road above the village blocked. It also caused damage to the village Out Reach Clinic (ORC).

Indigenous unit in Mendrelgang BHU benefits locals

The people of Barshong Mendrelgang and Patshaling Gewogs in Tsirang are happy with the newly opened Indigenous Medical Service Unit at the Mendrelgang Basic Health Unit (BHU).

Many farmers reaping benefits of Sustainable Land Management Project

A three-year pilot project on sustainable land management has benefitted many farmers of Jarey Gewog in Lhuentse. The project is a scientifically proven and widely accepted global initiative towards combating land degradation.

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