RCSC explores initiatives to boost bureaucracy

RCSC-ManagingPerformanceforPublicSectorExcellence“A good leadership in the bureaucracy can make up for poor political leadership. But the role cannot be reversed in a situation where there is a good political leadership but poor leadership in the bureaucracy.” The Chairperson of Royal Civil Service Commission (RCSC), Dasho Karma Tshiteem remarked this statement at the meeting of public service commission of SAARC member countries yesterday.  

Dasho Karma Tshiteem said bureaucracy is the backbone of good governance. Therefore, the commission has given topmost priority in instilling leadership qualities in bureaucrats.

Additionally, the Chairperson said initiative such as executive’s performance management, leadership capability framework and right sizing of civil service have been implemented.

Including some 150 bureaucrats in executives’ level, Bhutan has over 26,000 civil servants. Senior bureaucrats manning the respective public service commissions from SAARC member countries have congregated for the meeting. Through this platform, the officials are going to exchange best practices to strengthen the civil service.

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