Bhutan Children’s Parliament endorsees enrolment age

Bhutan Children’s Parliament endorsees enrolment ageThe Joint Sitting of Bhutan Children’s Parliament endorsed the enrolment age of a child to be five years instead of six or both the government and private schools to have a uniform enrolment age of six years.

Member of both the houses say it is unfair on the government’s part to limit the age of children to six when children in private schools start going to schools by the age of five.

The members also endorsed to increase number of counseling classes in schools and establish rehabilitation centres and recreational facilities in all the dzongkhags. They said such facilities will keep students away from substance abuse.

Kabisa-Talog Representative, Tashi Gyeltshen said children from broken homes are more prone to substance abuse and suicide.

“One of the measures is to recruit more counselors by taking into account the total number of students in schools. We also agreed to establish a Chiphen Phendey Association in each dzongkhag,” said the National Assembly Speaker, Tsheten Dorji.

The members also agreed to send those students suffering from substance abuse to Police Youth Partnership Programme.

The Joint Sitting also decided to establish more entrepreneur clubs for students above class seven to tackle the issue of mismatch of jobs and skills in the job market.

The resolutions will be submitted to His Majesty the King, Chief Justice, the National Assembly Speaker, the National Council Chairperson and the Opposition Leader.

The first session of Bhutan Children’s parliament will end tomorrow.



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