Government bypassed procedures to appoint BBS MD: Opposition

Government bypassed procedures to appoint BBS MD- OppositionProper procedures were not followed while appointing the serving Managing Director of the Bhutan Broadcasting Service Corporation, according to the Opposition.

During a deliberation in the National Assembly today, Members of the Opposition said the government had directly appointed the new MD, Tshering Wangchuk, bypassing open selection procedures.

Boomdeling-Jamkhar MP, Dupthob said the manner, in which the new Managing Director of BBS was appointed, has left the Opposition deeply concerned.

He said the former Managing Directors of BBS were appointed by the Board through open selection interview. “But the new MD of BBS was directly appointed by the Government. The Opposition is deeply concerned and seeks a proper explanation on the criterion and procedures followed in the selection of the new MD.”

The Minister for Information and Communications, DN Dhungyel said the new MD of BBS was appointed as per section 85 of the Companies Act 2000. Lyonpo said the section states that a CEO of the company is appointed for a term, not exceeding five years, at a time with approval from the shareholders. Lyonpo said the appointment was also made as per the Guidelines to make appointments in Government Corporation.

He also said BBS is owned by the state and that the government has the full authority to appoint its MD based on the recommendation of the Board of Directors.

Lyonpo said, on the August 25, this year, the Board of Directors had submitted names of five potential candidates to the cabinet. “The Cabinet in its 48th session discussed at length and selected the present MD, considering his education qualification and experiences.”

But the members of the Opposition party insisted it is important to hold an open selection.

“How were the five candidates selected by the Board? There was no announcement for the selection,” said Nubi-Tangsibji MP, Nidup Zangpo.

Panbang MP, Dorji Wangdi, said they are concerned that the government has a hand in the appointment of the New MD.

The Education Minister, Mingbo Dukpa, who had formerly served as the Managing Director of the BBS said while BBS is a public service broadcaster, the power to appoint its MD rests with the government.

But according to the Home and Cultural Affairs Minister, Damcho Dorji BBS is a company, governed by the Companies Act 2000.

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