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Tshering Tobgay unanimously elected as PM-elect

Jul 19, 2013

PM-Elect-Tshering-Tobgay.The President of the People’s Democratic Party (PDP), Tshering Tobgay, was unanimously elected as the Prime Minister-elect, today. He was elected through a secret ballot by the MP-elects of PDP.

As per the Constitution of Bhutan, under the article 17 section 1, the president of the winning party shall be conferred Dhargyen as the Prime Minister by the Druk Gyalpo.  However, based on the ideology of the party- Wangtse Chirphel, the party president insisted selection through secret ballot.

Of the 32 votes cast, 31 voted ‘yes’. The PM-elect abstained from voting.

The MP elects have also unanimously handed over the authority to the Prime Minister-elect to nominate names for the ministerial candidates. The names will be submitted to the executive committee to be endorsed on July 21. The names will be submitted to His Majesty the King.



15 Comments for “Tshering Tobgay unanimously elected as PM-elect”

  1. tasi

    With lots of graduates registered a youth wing, now they will not be able to sit for BCSE. Hope you will do something about it.

  2. Zinda

    It’s a good example set by PDP. But I think they should also involve Dzongkhag coordinator in the PM elect in future…If PDP really believes in their ideology of Wangtse- Chirpel, there should also be a provision for members of parliament and others to re-elect new PM if the current PM fail to perform well during his tenure.
    I liked the step further taken by PDP for now. Lets see how they performs ….Good Luck PDP, Good Luck citizen

  3. bhutanese people

    nice to knw

  4. SNJ

    Tashi Delak and god bless all the party candidate fulfil the promises

  5. Aagay Haap

    Tashi delek PM-elect. Please inform the people what is going on with regard to formation of the cabinet and calling the parliament to session so on so forth. People are kept in darkness after your victory. They love to hear from you.

  6. Aagay Haap

    Now that the party has entrusted authority to you, I hope you will draw on your wisdom to form a cabinet that is in line with the constitutional requirements such as no more than two ministers from one dzongkhag and regionally balanced representation as was done by the previous government. All the best.

  7. Penjor

    Tshering Tobgay your good business man, you have brought the country by giving money to the citizen, let us see what you can do in upcoming BCSE,,,,,,,,,,,

    • parop.

      Yes Mr.Tshering Tobay,world is watching over you,you need to be very cautious in doing the things and just remember what you have promised to do….if not…..

  8. tshangla

    Very suprise thing is going to happen on 26th. PDP PM elect is going to show a good example by appointing JYT as foreign minister. Zanglay and Wangdi Norbu as it is and Dr. Pema Jamtdho will become OL. A magic show.

  9. Drup

    Best of luck la

  10. Laksam

    Cheers and tashi delek Tshering Tobgay and the pdp party. We know that pm candidate should be TT only since he was the sole bearer of trouble faced during the pre and election time. credit should be given to him only for he was the one solely responsible for defaming DPT and it was his sole effort that defeated DPT thrrough means of putting influencial people and invisible person from top.
    All the gups of 205 geogs were fluenced

  11. Tashidelek

    I am sure you got evidence and proof in what you have written.Why are you barking like a hungry and filthy dog.With all evidences and proof go to the appropriate authorities.Otherwise don’t disturb the nation with such comments.

  12. Ugyen Tenzin

    How is voting through telephone secret? Please explain.

  13. phurpa wangdi

    Sir Tshering Tobgay, i know u will trun our country into gold which was in silver.Hope to see many changes in time of you.I know sir u will change many people dreams and their desirable.
    Any way Tashi Delek la….

  14. tshring wangdi

    hope you will do as promised if you dont do you might get in trouble

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