Thimphu traffic police equipped with additional speed guns to check rising speeding violations

Speeding violations are increasing in Thimphu, prompting concerns for road safety. The Thimphu Police saw a notable rise in speeding tickets issued this year. With accidents attributed to speeding, authorities are implementing measures including the use of new speed guns and displaying signboards to enhance surveillance and curb speeding.

Within three weeks in March this year alone, there were 683 speeding violators.

Last year, 14 accidents were attributed to speeding in Thimphu, while this year has already seen 9 such incidents. Residents are calling for the need to step up road safety measures.

Lobzang, a Thimphu resident said, “The police are trying their best by deputing personnel in required places. They are even placing signboards everywhere indicating speed limit. But people do not follow them and exceed the speed limit. This leads to accidents and it is threatening our life as well.”

Similarly, Thinley Dorji who also lives in Thimphu said, “Drivers tend to speed more in locations where there are no police personnel. This causes a lot of accidents. We do not know why people feel the need to speed. It might be under the influence of alcohol or substance abuse. It is important for people to be wary of their own speed and follow the limit.”

Tshering Wangchuk, a resident of Paro shared his frustration against speeding drivers. “I helped fine a Bolero pickup driver. Firstly, he was talking on the phone and did not let me pass through. I had to drop a patient to hospital at the time. Then,when I got through, the pickup truck came at full speed and we almost had a crash. I caught up when it got stuck between trucks at Khasadrapchu and that is when I noted his car number. Then I reported the incident to the police and he was fined.”

The Thimphu Traffic Division tackles speeding by engaging communities and educating drivers.

They visit schools during parent-teacher meetings, addressing parents and students, and conduct educational sessions in driving classes.

According to the division, student traffic has played a big role in taking care of the movement of students to and from schools.

The Thimphu Thromde has equipped the traffic division with two new speed guns, aiming to widen speed-monitoring coverage.

The Bhutan Construction and Transport Authority (BCTA) also provided speed display boards, with police identifying strategic locations for installation.

Police anticipate enhanced surveillance with these additions, strengthening efforts to curb speeding and improve road safety.

The speed limit in core Thimphu town is 30 kilometre per hour and 50 kilometre per hour on highways.

Sonam Pelkid / Tsheyang Tshogyel (Interns)

Edited by Kipchu

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