South Thimphu MP moves motion to draft and table Education Bill

The National Assembly today discussed the need to draft and table an Education Bill to improve the quality of education in the country. South Thimphu Member of Parliament Tshewang Rinzin said the absence of such a legal framework allowed political parties to use the education system as political tool during campaigns, leading to inconsistent policies and impacting teachers and students.

The South-Thimphu Member of Parliament said it is timely to enact a law to strengthen the education system, given the ongoing education reform.

“If we can avoid politicisation of education, focus on the country’s welfare and our children getting good education, I think it will benefit the country. That is why I would like to present the need for the Education Bill in the National Assembly.”

In response, the education and skills development minister said that coming up with many Acts will restrict new ideas in the education system and might affect education reform.

The minister added that ongoing policies and the National Education Policy 2024, aims for comprehensive education reform. She said that based on current evaluations, an Education Bill is not necessary immediately.

“If there are a lot of Acts, it will be very difficult for the system to work. This will in turn make things difficult for the teachers and students as well. Moreover, it might also hinder coming up with new ideas in the future,” said Yeezang De Thapa, Education and Skills Development Minister.

The finance minister said that improving existing policies could be a solution instead of enacting many Acts.

“The government has been working to improve the quality of education so far. Like the education and skills development minister, my suggestion is improving the existing policies rather than coming up with more Acts,” said Lekey Dorji, Finance Minister.

Other members supported the need for the law but were divided on its timing.

“I want to ask if it is not too early for the enactment of the Act. I agree that the Act is important, but as the education and skills development minister pointed out, it would be better if we do that after we have all the required facilities in place,” said Sonam Tashi, Lamgong-Wangchang’s MP from Paro.

The National Assembly directed the Ministry of Education and Skills Development to provide the National Education Policy 2024 to the members. After that, further discussions on the motion will be held.

Karma Samten Wangda

Edited by Tshering Zam

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