Thimphu residents call for installation of more CCTV cameras amid rising crime

Amid growing heinous crimes such as rape and murder in recent months, residents of Thimphu Thromde are voicing their worries regarding public safety, calling for the expansion of surveillance camera installations throughout the city. While existing cameras are in place across different locations, people still feel that they are insufficient to effectively cover all areas.

There are currently 114 surveillance cameras in and around Thimphu Thromde to ensure the safety and security of its residents according to Thimphu Police.

The installation of surveillance cameras in the Thromde began in 2014.

In a recent murder case of a 13-year-old girl along the Pamtsho-Dechencholing road, the suspect was arrested with clues from footage of private surveillance cameras.

Such incidents are prompting people to urge the government to install more cameras to enhance safety, citing the current numbers of cameras as inadequate.

Sangay Wangchuk, a resident of Thimphu Thromde said, “I think it is necessary to have more cameras because there are various types of crimes happening these days such as harassment, burglary, and drug cases. During the night, girls and women have to walk in fear. If the government install more cameras, I think it would benefit the law enforcers as well as the people. Also, we would be grateful if all the house owners install surveillance cameras in their buildings.”

“There is a need for surveillance cameras, as these cameras capture incidents such as fights. The suspect in the recent murder case was also caught with the help of CCTV camera footage. So, we need additional cameras,” said Pema Chokey, another resident of Thimphu Thromde.

The police said existing surveillance cameras have been helpful in deterring crimes, and that they are installing new cameras wherever necessary. The current cameras are high resolution cameras with infrared for night vision.

The police added that CCTV networks are being installed through the Safe City Project and cameras are equally distributed across Thimphu City.

They are also encouraging private house owners to install surveillance cameras for security measures.

Deki Lhazom

Edited by Kipchu

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