Made in Bhutan exhibition targets import reduction

The Bhutan Chamber of Commerce and Industry, BCCI, launched its third Made in Bhutan Exhibition today in the capital. The exhibition aims to promote Bhutanese products with export potential and generate revenue by reducing reliance on imports. About 35 businesses from sectors such as agri-food, textiles, handicrafts, and traditional medicine are participating in the exhibition.

During the event, the Minister of Industry, Commerce and Employment, Namgyal Dorji, said the exhibition serves as a platform for business entities to market and promote their local products, which will help reduce import dependency.

“It will also, to a large extent, do a good job in import substitution, which is a quite important aspect of trade. More than anything, this is a networking opportunity for you all to connect with the suppliers, buyers and the whole value chain in the country.”

Moreover, business entities said they are hoping to promote their businesses as they will be able to attract suppliers and buyers during the exhibition.

“Product orientation is vital for delivering our message. This platform is perfect for that, as it helps people discover our products. Promotion is the most cost-effective form of marketing. I am confident that in the future, there will be a significant demand for our product,” said Sam from Goldshield Technologies.

“Thanks to BCCI’s initiative. We can promote our products both nationally and internationally. So far, our business is thriving due to BCCI’s support. We are grateful to the BCCI,” said Sonam Lhakey from Jewel Incense.

And, the Watermelon Festival 2024 complemented the exhibition by celebrating the success story of watermelon farming by the Khenrig Namsum Cooperative of Zhemgang.

Around 20 farmers of the cooperative are participating in the festival with the hopes of promoting locally grown watermelons and raising awareness about sustainable agriculture practices.

“Previously, we had to approach each vendor individually to sell our watermelons. Now, with opportunities like this, we can stay in one place, and customers come to us. This year, we are optimistic about selling a large quantity of watermelons,” said Thinley Wangdi, Khengrig Namsum Cooperative’s Chairperson.

The event is co-organised by the Department of Employment and Entrepreneurship and the Transitional Trade Support Facility Programme.

The three-day exhibition will end on Sunday.

Karma Samten Wangda

Edited by Tshering Zam 

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