Phongmey residents awaiting completion of Dungjuri bridge

Once the construction of the bridge over the Dungjuri stream is completed, it will come as a big relief to the people of Phongmey and Lem Chiwogs in Trashigang. The Trashigang District Administration has already built the bridge abutments about a year ago. However, works have been halted as other components of the bridge have yet to be purchased due to lack of budget.

The stream at Dungjuri in Phongmey Gewog looks tame and shallow these days, however, during peak monsoon, the stream swells and becomes a menace.

Students and residents here have to cross the stream to go to schools and the Primary Healthcare Centre.

The new bridge is located slightly above the current farm road.

The abutments were built after spending over Nu 9 M funded through the Government of India’s Small Development Project.

Residents are eagerly waiting for the completion of the bridge.

“As monsoon starts, the stream becomes big frequently, so it affects the commuters here. Sometimes people have to wait near the stream until the water level subsides to cross it. If the bridge is built, our worries would be eased,” said Norbu Tshering, a resident.

“There is not much problem during winters but during the monsoon season, even a light rainfall increases the volume of the stream and erodes the road. Let alone vehicles, it makes it difficult for even people to cross it. We have two schools located on one side of the stream and a PHC on the other side. This makes it difficult for the students and people visiting the PHC,” said Kunzang Dorji, another resident.

The district engineer said that the components of the bridge would be purchased in the upcoming financial year.

He added that the construction of the bridge would be completed during the same financial year.

For this, the district administration has proposed a budget of around Nu 8 M to the government.

Once complete, the bridge will benefit around 450 households of Phongmey and Sakteng Gewogs.

It will also benefit officials working for the Sakteng Wildlife Sanctuary.

Sonam Darjay, Trashigang

Edited by Kipchu 

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