Planting trees to mitigate landslide risks in Pachugang, Phuentshogling

Besides carrying out flood mitigation works at Pachugang in Phuentshogling, there are still risks of landslides causing blockages on the Amochhu. Therefore, relevant offices are planting saplings to help stabilise the soil and prevent landslides. The area has experienced landslides for many years, with erosion occurring every monsoon.

More than 200 people were involved in the plantation yesterday.

DeSuups, officials from the dungkhag and thromde offices along with residents, planted about 2,500 saplings in the affected area.

“There is the risk of continuous landslide in the future as well. The land is barren, with no trees and plants. We feel that if we try mass plantation, it can slowly help stabilise the soil and prevent landslides in the future. If we do not carry out such mitigation works, people living near Amochhu and several settlements in India are at risk,” said Karma Jurmi, Phuentshogling Dungpa.

The dungpa said that more trees will be planted soon to fill the entire barren land.

Last year, the monsoon triggered a landslide affecting the settlement located just above the slide area.

About five households were impacted and the dungpa said works to provide land substitute for the affected families are in process.

Kinley Dem

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