Over 1,300 students join World Mile Challenge

More than 1,300 students from Thimphu and  Phuentshogling have participated in the World Mile Challenge as of today. It is a run of 1.6 kilometres, which is a major build-up programme for the upcoming Kids’ Athletics Day. The day will be celebrated tomorrow globally. This year, it focuses on running, jogging, or walking a mile.

About 300 students from four schools in Phuentshogling Thromde participated in the one-mile challenge yesterday. The challenge commemorates British athlete Roger Bannister’s historic achievement of being the first person to run a mile in under four minutes in 1954. His accomplishment is said to have inspired many athletes to push their limits.

“The challenge is carried out throughout the world. Children can run individually or as a group. There’s an online calculator and we can update the runs country-wise. If we can amass a huge number of runs there is an opportunity for us to win an international prize as well. For now, we are in third position and by 9th May, we never know where we can reach,” said Penjor Gyeltshen, executive member of the Bhutan Amateur Athletics Federation.

The Bhutan Amateur Athletics Federation is urging schools across the country to take part in the challenge. The federation said the combination of physical and mental benefits makes the World Mile Challenge a valuable initiative for promoting children’s health and fitness.

“I am very happy to have secured the first position today. I will never stop running and will continue to run in the future,” said Kinley Penjor, winner of the World Mile Challenge.

“I am very pleased to participate in the programmes for World Kids’ Athletics Day. I am also very happy for the winners and the participants. I would like to participate in such programmes in the future as well,” said Oma Devi Gurung, a participant in the World Mile Challenge.

“I am grateful for getting the opportunity to run this marathon. So I am happy,” said Sonam Lhaden, another participant.

The run was organised by the Bhutan Amateur Athletics Federation with support from the Phuentshogling Sports Association and other stakeholders.

Kinley Dem

Edited by Kipchu

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