ECB declares bye-election results for Mangmi and Tshogpas elected in five districts

The Election Commission held bye-elections to elect two Mangmis and three Tshogpas in five districts today. The bye-elections were held in Trashigang, Zhemgang, Chhukha, Pema Gatshel and Thimphu.

In Trashigang, 41-year-old Dendup Dema is the new Shongphu Mangmi. She secured 976 votes. Including her, there were two candidates contesting for the post. The bye-election was conducted after the former Mangmi left for studies this year.

In Zhemgang, 30-year-old Tashi Dorji from Taduejong-Ponchola Chiwog has been elected as the new Mangmi of Phangkhar Gewog. Securing 421 votes, he received the highest votes out of the 950 votes cast. The bye-election was held today after the previous Mangmi died. Three candidates contested for the post.

In Chhukha’s Chhongkha-Chhasilakha Chiwog of Bongo Gewog, Kado is elected as the new Tshogpa. According to the Election Commission of Bhutan, the bye-election was held following the removal of the former Tshogpa.

43-year-old Kalzang Namgay is elected as the new Doongsingma-Thoongkhar Tshogpa in Pema Gatshel’s Yurung Gewog. He secured 98 votes out of 178 votes. The bye-election was held following voluntary resignation of the former Tshogpa.

In Thimphu, 25-year-old Nima Gyeltshen was elected as the new Tshogpa of Jomphu Chiwog in Soe Gewog. He secured 11 votes. Two candidates contested for the post. According to the ECB, the election was held as the post remained vacant since 2021 due to non-availability of aspiring candidates.

These are the provisional results gathered after the poll day ended this evening.

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