Central Monastic Body releases new Dzongkha edition of ‘The Teaching of Buddha’

A book titled “The Teaching of Buddha”, translated from English to Dzongkha was released today. The Tshugla Lopen of the Central Monastic Body and the Minister of Home Affairs launched the book in the capital. This is the seventh revised edition of the book in Dzongkha. The book, translated and edited by Khenpo Choten Dorji, covers Buddha’s life story and teachings using simple language and metaphors. BDK, the Society for the Promotion of Buddhism in Japan donated 10,000 copies which will be distributed to monastic institutions, schools, public libraries, and across the tourism sector in the country.

40-year-old Khenpo Choten Dorji from Pema Gatshel revised the book based on 122 earlier English editions from 1985. He is currently serving as the secretary of the Monastic Council for Administration and Development Affairs under the Central Monastic Body.

He said that the book will be one of the simplest and most accessible ways to learn about Buddha’s life and teachings.

“In general the book contains the biography of Buddha. Secondly, it contains the teachings of Buddha which are conveyed in very simple language. For example, it conveys a very simple and understandable Dzongkha. On top of that, it conveys through expedient means like narrating the stories with parables and metaphors.”

“We developed the ‘The Teaching of Buddha’ in Dzongkha thirty years ago. Since language changes from time to time, we revised the new book in Dzongkha because we also support Bhutanese to understand Buddhism more clearly,” said Harumi Aoki, the executive director of BDK-Society for the Promotion of Buddhism, Japan.

BDK, the Society for the Promotion of Buddhism in Japan, funded the publication of the new version of the Dzongkha edition.

The society invested about 10 million Japanese Yen for the revised Dzongkha version, including the printing costs for the 10 thousand copies and transportation charges from Japan to Bhutan.

Besides Dzongkha, the society has translated the book into 46 other languages and distributed nearly ten million copies in 65 countries.

Karma Wangdi

Edited by Sonam Pem

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