Instructors trained for Gyalsung Community Security Skilling Training

As the nation prepares for the much-awaited Gyalsung- Bhutan’s National Service, about 180 trainers were trained at the National Search and Rescue Training Centre in Tashi Gatshel, Chhukha. The Chief of Police attended the closing ceremony of the Gyalsung Community Security Skilling’s Training of the Trainers programme yesterday.

The Gyalsung Training Programme comprises of components that seeks to impart knowledge and leadership skills. The training will have basic military training and many other skills development programs. With the commencement of the program nearing, preparations are in full swing.

Seven police officers and 100 police personnel completed the instructor’s training of Gyalsung Search and Rescue. Another five officers and about 70 police personnel got trained as Gyalsung Structural Fire Fighting instructors.

Major Tshewang Thinley, the search and rescue trainer said, “There’s a component in Gyalsung called the Gyalsung Community Skilling. Search and Rescue and firefighting falls under this component. More than these two, the instructors need instructional practice because we cannot teach the children like the armed forces. We also focused on ILQ which means Instructor Like Quality. In this, code of conduct and communication skills among others are taught.”

Similarly, Lieutenant Dema, another trainer at the National Search and Rescue Training Centre said, “We have trained the trainers well. Now they are ever ready to start teaching. There are many things to learn in firefighting like how to extinguish the flames when the flames are small and how to handle LPG cylinders. We also taught them how to use fire trucks.”

The training for the instructors of search and rescue was for 45 days. And for the Gyalsung Structural Fire Fighting instructors, it was a 30-day training programme.

Tshewang Peldon, one of the trainees said, “I am blessed to have got this training opportunity. I hope that I can teach the Gyalsups well from all the knowledge I got from here.”

Another trainee Chundu Tamang said that the training will benefit them for a life time. “From here on we can do any kind of search and rescue at any time,” he added.

Meanwhile, the chief of police said that all the commandants of all the four Gyalysung Academies have been identified along with officials from Royal Bhutan Army, Royal Body Guard and the Royal Bhutan Police.

Kinley Dem, Chhukha

Edited by Kipchu

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