Need for proper care of facilities along Tsirang’s 360-degree track

The 360-degree track constructed above Damphu town in Tsirang has provided a platform for hikers and cyclists in the district to pursue their passion. Besides spending their leisure time meaningfully, they can maintain healthy lifestyles.  The track also helps in promoting domestic tourism. However, some residents raised concerns about the lack of proper care of the facilities along the track.

The three-kilometre trail passes through Drubchhugang and Maenchhana chiwogs of Tsholingkhar and Kilkhorthang Gewogs.

There are a few sacred sites along the track.

Offering scenic views of Tsirang Dzong, Chorten Jarung Khashor, Damphu town, Rangthangling Gewog and its nearby settlements, the walk along the trail can be completed in just over an hour.

“The track at the moment lacks proper signage. Some of the people come for hiking, cycling and trekking along the trail. Visitors can also capture some beautiful scenes from around three different locations,” said Aga Nidhi Acharya, a resident.

The trail has two resting points with attached washrooms. However, the washrooms are not maintained well.

Some of the cyclists and residents who reside nearby say the washrooms did not have water supply after a few months of its opening in 2021.

“When people walk along the track, they use the toilets but without water supply, the toilets become dirty. So, what we feel is having a continuous water supply will help the visitors,” said Aga Nidhi Acharya.

Meanwhile, the Officiating Planning Officer of Tsirang in a written response mentioned that water blockages have caused the water shortage and it has been restored since yesterday.

The 360-degree track was constructed in 2021 to promote domestic tourism in the region.

The district administration spent more than Nu 4 M for the track.

Pema Tshewang, Tsirang                                                                                                    

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