Doctor shortage at Khatoekha Hospital leaves several gewogs struggling in Chhukha

People of several gewogs in Phuentshogling Dungkhag in Chhukha are having a difficult time as the nearest Khatoekha Hospital in Logchina Gewog has been left without a doctor for about six months. Besides Logchina Gewog, Khatoekha Hospital caters to the healthcare needs of the people of Maedtekha, Dungna, Geling and Phuentshogling Gewogs.

The gewog officials said that the hospital’s lone doctor left for studies, leaving residents to seek medical assistance at larger hospitals like Phuentshogling Hospital.

This poses a challenge for residents as the hospitals are far away. For instance, Maedtekha is located more than 100 kilometres from Phuentshogling.

On average, about 30 people visit the hospital every day. In the absence of a doctor, patients have been consulting with the Health Assistant.

“It is very challenging for us without a doctor because Phuentshogling is very far and the roads are not good. Pregnant mothers are especially struggling a lot,” said Tham Bdr Rai, Lokchina Gup.

“Without a doctor, it has been very challenging for the patients. Although the nurses are doing their best, some patients require doctor’s care. So, patients are either being referred to Phuentshogling or Gedu Hospital. And this is challenging for us as the roads are in poor condition,” said Harka Bdr Rai, a resident of Logchina.

The gewog officials said that they have raised concerns by writing to relevant agencies but they were informed that no doctors are available. The issue was also raised in the recent Dzongkhag Tshogdu

Meanwhile, officials are also waiting for relevant agencies to demolish a part of the hospital that has developed severe cracks in the walls.

The hospital offers various services ranging from ultrasound, X-ray, dental and traditional medicine among others. It was established about a decade ago.

Kinley Dem, Chhukha

Edited by Sonam Pem

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