Rabies outbreak in Norbugang Gewog, Samtse

An outbreak of rabies was reported in Kyidsa and Dhapper villages of Norbugang Gewog of Samtse yesterday. The suspected rabid dog reportedly attacked four calves and two goats in Kyidsa and Dhapper villages.

The dog also bit two Indian labourers in the Diana area and a child and a pig in Damzhagsa. Laboratory tests on the captured dog confirmed the presence of rabies. All affected animals have received medical treatment.

Similarly, individuals bitten by the rabid dog have been urged to seek medical attention. According to the Livestock Office, the rabid dog was unnotched, indicating that it likely originated from the other side of the border area.

According to the Livestock Office, this is the eighth rabies case detected in Samtse since August last year, with five cases detected this year. 

Passang Dorji, Samtse

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