Slow progress at Dhamdum Industrial Park in Samtse

When the construction of Dhamdum Industrial Park in Samtse started in 2016, businessmen and people in the district anticipated profits and economic development. Eight years on, the industrial park has not seen much progress. Several constructions have been stalled. The Ministry of Industry, Commerce, and Employment has also cancelled the leases of 70 promoters so far.

The Industrial Park which spreads across some 350 acres of land just has a textile unit, a furniture house, a disinfectant phenol manufacturer, a pan masala manufacturer, and a coffee production house.  Only these industries are fully operational.

A significant portion of the industrial area remains vacant and is slowly overgrown with vegetation. Several construction projects in the area have stalled, leaving them idle and incomplete.

People say the progress in the industrial area has been slow.

“The absence of easy access to credit facilities in the country is a major reason why many promoters are not showing interest in the Dhamdum Industrial Park. To secure loans from banks, we need to mortgage our lands, specifically those in core areas. This led to slow progress at the industrial park,” says Samir Homagai, the CEO of S2 Ventures at the Dhamdum Industrial Park.

“Many Promoters are discouraged due to the recent increase in land taxes. Those who were initially enthusiastic about their projects are now uncertain about their businesses. Additionally, the unavailability of loans from financial institutions has hindered many promoters from starting their projects as planned,” says Chandra Bdr Chettri, the Manager of Palavi Furniture at the Dhamdum Industrial Park.

The Department of Industry cancelled leases for 70 promoters. The Minister for Industry, Commerce and Employment said the promoters failed to start their projects.

He said the ministry cancelled the lease to invite new promoters to invest and start new industries.

MoICE Minister, Namgyal Dorji says, “Upon taking charge, the new government has asked the relevant departments regarding the park’s slow progress. The Prime Minister is aware of the situation. I have plans to visit Samtse in the coming weeks to conduct a review and assess the situation firsthand.”

Meanwhile, out of the four industries relocated from the Jigmelling Industrial Park in Sarpang to the Dhamdum Industrial Park, only one has begun construction.

Construction of the Industrial Park is worth Nu 300 M.

Samten Dolkar/Passang Dorji, Samtse

Edited by Sangay Chezom

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