Isuzu BS6 pickup trucks give engine troubles: 70 owners lodge complaints

The Isuzu pickup truck running on the BS6 engine model in the country seems to be giving the vehicle owners trouble due to issues with the engine. So far, 70 Isuzu BS6 model owners have complained about the vehicle engine giving troubles time and again. Attending to the complaints, the vehicle supplier also began replacing the engines of the Isuzu BS6 model.

Customer complaints have continued since the 2022 debut of the Isuzu BS6 model. The complaints have mostly been regarding the vehicle’s engine performance. According to the vehicle owners, the engine starts giving problems within the first year of purchase.

“It has not even been a year. The first problem is the exhaust gas recirculation problem and secondly, there is a back compression problem. EGR problem is okay because the vehicle can at least move but with the back compression problem, we have to top up engine oil repeatedly. More than fuel we have spent more on engine oil. Also with the back compression problem our vehicles face pulling problems,” said Sonam Tshering who owns the Isuzu.

“I have come here time and again to fix my vehicle’s EGR issue. After some time, my vehicle’s pulling has also been causing problems. Now, my engine and turbo are not working. Isuzu has promised to replace all the engines for free within the warranty period, so I have come here today. But there are chances that these issues will come up again,” added another Isuzu owner, Tshering Dorji.

239 BS6 model Isuzu pickup trucks have been sold so far in the country. Bhutan’s Isuzu supplier, Bhutan Hyundai Motors, issued an office order for warranty repairs in February.

The supplier, based in Thimphu, has also replaced the engine of four Isuzu BS6 models so far.

“As per government norm, basic norms, we are fitting Diesel Particle Filter (DPF) in the silencer or muffler. After a few months, the DPF filter is choked by the carbon particles. Because of that, we facing some engine-related problems like EGR bulb choke, DPF blocking and back compression in the engine,” said Piyal Banarjee, the Service Manager at Bhutan Hyundai Motors.

The service manager added that the same engine model running in other countries has not reported any such issues.

To identify and address the issue, the Isuzu team in India along with technical experts will be coming to Bhutan this month.

During the visit, the team is also expected to assess the diesel quality of Thimphu and check the engine of the BS6 Isuzu model too.

Tsheyang Tshogyel (Intern)

Edited by Phub Gyem

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