Phuentshogling Thromde fines 60 individuals for illegal waste dumping

The Phuentshogling Thromde has fined about 60 individuals for illegal waste dumping so far. These individuals were identified through CCTV camera footage. Thromde officials have stated that the installation of CCTV cameras has helped in mitigating waste problems in the core town area. However, illegal waste dumping remains a challenge in the peripheral areas of the Phuentshogling town.

The Thromde has collected approximately Nu 200,000 in fines.

The Phuentshogling Thrompon said that the installation of CCTV cameras, along with improved waste collection services, has contributed to reducing waste issues in the core town area.

“Phuentshogling, being a commercial hub, experiences a high influx of people coming in and out. Consequently, fully curbing waste issues poses a challenge. However, I believe that by hiring additional personnel and enhancing facilities and services, we can effectively eliminate waste problems altogether,” said Uttar Kumar Rai, Phuentshogling Thrompon.

He added that more people are becoming aware of waste management.

However, illegal dumping continues to occur in areas outside the town. The Thrompon said that CCTV cameras have been installed along the roads and in public areas, even extending to peripheral regions.

An area in Rinchending has become a dumping site for tenants residing in a building.

“In peripheral areas such as Pasakha and Rinchending, we have not been able to provide services comparable to those in the town centre. Garbage trucks only visit these areas about three times a week,” said Phuentshogling Thrompon.

The Thromde has plans to further improve services in the 13th Five-Year Plan.

Kinley Dem, Phuentshogling

Edited by Tshering Zam

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