Frequent supply disruption at Tingtibi fuel depot leaves commuters frustrated

The lone fuel depot in Tingtibi, Zhemgang continually faces fuel shortages, leaving motorists frustrated. Commuters using the Gelephu, Trongsa, and Panbang highways are now urging authorities to quickly address the recurring fuel scarcity issue. They demand that the depot should stock enough fuel to cater to the region.

Commuters complain that the frequent unavailability of fuel is causing significant inconvenience, particularly for those travelling long distances.

They are adamant that the authorities address the issue and ensure a regular fuel supply to prevent such problems in the future.

“Reliable fuel availability is crucial. Authorities must ensure its reliability. We travel long distances to refuel our vehicles and cannot afford to return empty-handed. The Zhemgang depot is quite far, making it highly inconvenient. A continuous supply here would greatly improve convenience,” said Tshering Wangdi, a motorist.

“There is a shortage every once a week. People come from afar asking if there is fuel here. Some even ask if they can take fuel from my vehicle. But I have to use my vehicle frequently, so I cannot help,” said Tashi Choezom, another motorist.

“People wonder why the Zhemgang depot consistently has fuel while Tingtibi does not. Even we ponder the same question. There is never a shortage in Zhemgang, but here it is a recurring issue. We are unsure why. The problem persists here despite the higher demand for fuel. Many commuters use this route, and they often leave disappointed,” said Dorji, a resident.

The Druk Petroleum Corporation, which operates the fuel station in Tingtibi, said that due to cash transaction issues with their Indian counterpart, they were unable to supply fuel on time.

However, they assured that they are expediting the process to ensure a reliable fuel supply.

Meanwhile, the frequent unavailability of fuel has compelled some heavy vehicle drivers to either wait for days or travel to distant locations to refuel their vehicles, resulting in both time consumption and extra expenses.

The issue has been ongoing for over a year now.

Pema Samdrup, Zhemgang

Edited by Sherub Dorji 

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