Three films win Best Film of the Year

There are three best films of the year this year. The films: Boed Garp Sonam Drugyal, Nge Sugar Mommy, and Mad for Eachother swept the awards at the National Film Awards yesterday. They collected 19 awards out of 30 up for grabs.

Directed by filmmaker Sonam Rinchen Kuenfel, ‘Boed Garp Sonam Drugyal” is a story that depicts unrequited love in a historical period. It encompasses the significance of culture, tradition, and language.

While Nge Sugar Mommy depicts a world of the psychological thriller of a new genre, Mad for Each Other is a rom-com illustrating the world of a young married couple and ultimately the decisions made by the young couple.

Sonam Rinchen Kuenfel, the director of Boed Garp Sonam Drugyal said, “As a film director, this award motivates us. It is also a motivation for other people who plan to direct movies. I feel winning and losing is a part of life, however, winning does raise the bar for myself as well and I will have to keep delivering in the future too.”

“Mad for Each Other is the first rom-com film that I made and winning the best film from it motivates me to make better films. The film industry is still growing and new ideas are required. Those already working in the film industry have limited ideas, so new ideas can be brought by the new generation,” said Kinga Kinley Tshering, the director of Mad for Each Other.

Sengye Wangchuk, the director of Nge Sugar Mommy said, “I am extremely happy and honoured to receive the award for the best film and the best debut director. It’s a validation of all the hard work, dedication, and creativity that went into bringing this movie to life. And I am ecstatic about it. It’s a mix of emotions. Gratitude, excitement, and a sense of achievement knowing that my movie has resonated with the audience and critics alike is truly fulfilling.”

Kinley Rigzin Dorji and Pema Deki won the awards for their lead roles in Nge Sugar Mommy.

Kinley Rigzing Dorji said, “I am happy with the award and with the family support that I got, I feel it’s immense to me. I put a lot of dedication and hard work into almost four films last year. And being awarded the best male lead actor is huge to me. To the young emerging talent, I would say that they shouldn’t give up at any cost. I have also been through the same path as a young actor. Giving the best is all we need to do.”

Of the 24 films produced last year, 16 films participated in the National Film Award.

Sonam Yuden

Edited by Kipchu

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