Works to upgrade Dorokha town to begin this year

Residents of Dorokha Dungkhag in Samtse can look forward to a new and improved town as the long-awaited upgrade works for Dorokha town are scheduled to commence this year. Currently, house owners have begun demolishing old houses, following notifications to dismantle structures by the end of June this year. Today, 14 plots have been allocated for town planning initiatives on over seven acres of land.

A visit to Dorokha town today feels like stepping back in time, with its appearance having remained unchanged, spanning four decades. With small structures scattered around, the town today lacks waste disposal sites, drainage systems, car parks and public toilets.

However, positive changes are on the horizon. A few homeowners have taken the first step.

“Currently, shops in the town are scattered and disorganised. With the new plan, we look forward to enjoying amenities like separate footpaths, improved drainage and ample parking space,” said Chandra Bdr Rai, a resident of Dorokha.

However, some plot owners are unsure about dismantling their houses. They said that they have already invested a lot of money in the buildings and cannot afford to build new ones right now.

“I started building my house in Dorokha town in 2020, completing it between 2021 and 2022. Assistance in obtaining loans from the government would be helpful in these circumstances,” said Tshering Wangdi, another resident of Dorokha.

Likewise, some residents, who lost their houses in a fire incident in 2011, are still awaiting Land Ownership Certificates or Lagthram.

“Several years ago, I and about ten other people lost our houses in the fire incident. While those with buildings in town have received their Land Ownership Certificates, we are yet to receive ours. With improved roads and facilities in Dorokha, we aspire to build small houses in the town area and resume our businesses,” said Man Bdr Biswa, also a resident of Dorokha.

According to the Dorokha Dungkhag Administration, works to upgrade the town was affected due to the pandemic. However, the administration says work will start soon after the structures are dismantled.

The office also clarifies that anticipating impending town development works, the residents were advised against constructing large houses. The office says house owners had previously agreed to dismantle their houses when required.

The administration also said it received letters from people who lost their shops in the fire accident, that they had not obtained their Land Ownership Certificates. However, the Dungkhag office expressed its limitations in addressing the issue and told that it advised parties concerned to communicate with the National Land Commission Secretariat.

Believed to have been established some four decades ago, Dorokha town today serves as the main trading hub for the residents of Dorokha, Denchukha, and Dumtoed gewogs. As of today, there are over 30 shops in Dorokha town.

Passang Dorji, Samtse

Edited by Kipchu

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