Temporary boarding facility in Barshong PS in Tsirang eases exam stress for students

A temporary boarding facility in Barshong Primary School in Barshong Gewog in Tsirang came as a big relief for students appearing in annual examinations this time. Some 19 students who usually walk for hours every day to reach school benefitted from the facility. A teacher with support from the school authority initiated the move to provide better academic guidance to the students.

Students of classes four and five were residing in the vacant staff quarter for a week. The students were seen preparing for their last examination. The exam ended yesterday.

Nima and Dawa from Gangtokha otherwise have to walk more than two hours to reach school.They said it was tiring and it used to add to their already stressful exam days.

They said, “it takes two hours for us to reach home from our school. We get tired and we fall asleep soon after dinner. Again, we have to wake early to walk back to the school. The temporary boarding facility like this helped us to concentrate more on studies.”

Other students are of the same view. They said a conducive study environment this time has helped them prepare for the exam well.

Tandin Ugyen Rabzang, a student said, “here, our teachers clear our doubts. We could not concentrate more on our studies at home because of the tedious journey. But here I can study better.”

“Here we can reach out to our teachers and clear our doubts. Back at home, our parents are uneducated, and they cannot help us,” said Manita Subba, a student.

Mahesh Dhakal is the teacher who approached the school with the idea of a temporary boarding facility.  The school then started the initiative after discussing it with parents and the District Education sector.

The school does not have a boarding facility. However, the school provides all students with breakfast and lunch.

As for dinner and refreshments for the 19 students, teacher Mahesh Dhakal provided them with help from the school mess.

Mahesh Dhakal said, “the parents do not know the importance of exams. And they get surprised when they see their kids’ results. We kept some students during midterm examinations, and all of them performed well. This time as well I see all of them have done well.”

Barshong PS’s Principal, Tashi Wangchen said, “parents here usually get engaged with livestock-related works towards the evening. As a result, they cannot assist their children with studies. If we do not come up with such an initiative, it is quite difficult for our students to come up with colourful results.”

The school, which was reopened in 2007 has 53 students studying from classes PP to five.

Pema Tshewang, Tsirang

Edited by Sangay Chezom

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