ECB urging public to maintain secrecy of postal ballots

With the poll day for the primary round of the National Assembly elections just a couple of days away, voters registered for the postal ballot facility are already casting their votes. However, some of them seem to be doing so without adhering to the Postal Ballots Rules and Regulations of the Kingdom of Bhutan, 2018. According to the ECB, after marking the party of their choice on the secret ballots, some voters are sharing their postal ballot paper with their friends and even on social media platforms which is against the rule. The ECB is, therefore, urging the public to maintain the secrecy of the postal ballots. The Postal Ballots Rules and Regulations mandate the competent witness to be responsible for ensuring that the voter marks the Postal Ballot Paper in total secrecy. Meanwhile, to Commission is also urging employers to grant reasonable days of leave to the employees so that they can exercise their voting rights.


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