Country to have 16 more electric vehicle charging machines

The country will have additional electric vehicle charging stations in a few months’ time. The government procured 16 new EV charging machines taking the total to 76. The machines were purchased under a project worth more than 1 million US dollars or around Nu 93 M and are funded by the government of Japan. The project is expected to accelerate Bhutan’s transition to a low-emission transport system.

Of the sixteen machines, eight are DC or quick charging machines while the other eight are AC or slow chargers.

The project is being led by the Prime Minister’s Office in partnership with the Government of Japan and the United Nations Development Programme.

“It is a significant step, laying the very strong foundation for the EV ecosystem in Bhutan, as Bhutan continues pursuing its objective of adopting totally green transport because it is not only saving the planet and reducing green gas emission but also saving financially,” said Mohammad Younus, Resident Representative of UNDP.

Eight new charging stations are being constructed using the new machines. Six have been installed in Thimphu, while one each is being installed in Trashigang and Zhemgang. The other eight stations have yet to be announced.

“As we increase the number of charging stations and their strategic location, most of the electric vehicle owners will be able to charge their vehicle as and when they want at appropriate places. With that, people will be more willing to buy electric vehicles,” said Ugyen Norbu, Executive Engineer of the Department of Surface Transport.

He added that with recent developments in the electric ecosystem, batteries are becoming smaller and more powerful. Moreover, EV vehicles are becoming cheaper which could help encourage more people to switch to electric vehicles.

Currently, there are 460 electric vehicles in the country.

Tashi Yangden

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