Aa-Pow Ice Cream goes door to door in Gelephu

With the scorching summer temperatures soaring above 30 degrees in Gelephu, what could be more refreshing than ice cream? Aa-Pow Ice Cream, locally made in Gelephu Gewog’s Pelrithang Khamaed is offering a delightful solution. Started manufacturing in March of this year, Aa-Pow Ice Cream now delivers its product door-to-door in and around Gelephu and in Sarpang.

People operating businesses on the outskirts of Gelephu Thromde and Sarpang are elated to receive ice cream supplies at their doorsteps without having to buy them from across the border.

Businesses say the quality of locally manufactured ice cream is at par with the imported ones and it has a high margin profit.

“Firstly, we do not have to visit their place to buy ice cream. Secondly, they deliver right to our doorsteps. We save on the travelling expenses,” said Binu Prasad Nepal, a shopkeeper.

“When we visit the town to collect imported ice cream, sometimes the shops are closed. Here they come to stock up as and when needed. There is a big difference as we do not have to go out ourselves,” said Yankamo, another shopkeeper.

Rohit Subedi, an employee of Aa-Pow Ice Cream says they make the ice creams on Fridays and Saturdays.

The unit delivers its product door-to-door in Gelephu and Sarpang between Monday and Thursday. The Gelephu Om Detshen supplies over 60 litres of milk every week to the Aa-Pow Ice Cream manufacturing unit.

“The imported ice cream involves many brokers. It goes from one dealer to another and the profit margin for the ultimate shopkeeper is low. We do not have dealers. Our ice creams go directly from the manufacturing unit to the shopkeepers. So, the profit margin is high,” said Rohit Subedi.

“In terms of varieties, we have a family pack, which is much bigger about two kilogramme. The mini family pack is half a kilogramme. Another one is a couple, mini couple, then we have a cup, mini cup, and pop sticks,” said Tenzin Norbu, In-charge of Aa-Pow ice cream.

The Aa-Pow Ice Cream plant was constructed at a cost of over Nu 13 M under the Small Development Project fund. The unit is located three kilometres away from Gelephu Town.

Karma Wangdi, Gelephu

Edited by Sherub Dorji

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