Rural students discover passion for athletics at Kids’ Athletic Day, Zhemgang

More than a hundred and thirty students from seven rural schools in Zhemgang gathered at Buli Central School to mark the Kids’ Athletic Day, yesterday. The day encourages schools to give children the chance to participate in athletics, be active, and learn new physical skills.

For many of the children, it was the first time they had access to such an event. At first, they seemed hesitant to move around the playground but that did not last long.

After just a few hours of interaction with their new friends, the children were already running, jumping, and having the time of their lives.

It was an entirely new experience for many of them and were grateful for the opportunity.

“We are very happy to have come here. The feeling is surreal. The event is an opportunity for us to explore and play. I learnt about rotation throw,” said Tshering Choden, a student from Tshaildang ECR.

“Being from a remote school, I did not get the opportunity to participate in such events. If such kind of opportunities is given in the future, it would benefit us immensely,” said Rangjung Choki Dorji, another student from the same ECR.

According to the district education office, they are aiming to use the power of athletics to inspire children to be more active, develop their skills and confidence, and to connect with sports and physical activity for life.

This programme is a perfect blend of education, exposure and our children to take active sporting activities in their schools. And in future, we are committed to making this event happen yearly through the knowledge gained today. We would like to improvise the materials we have used today in this programme,” said Pelden Wangmo, the chief district education officer.

“This is a grassroots-level programme. If the schools could focus to organise such events, it will benefit our children in keeping their bodies and minds healthy.  Even after the completion of their studies, they can continue and easily participate at higher levels of athletics,” said Tshewang Rinzing, the president of the Bhutan Athletics Federation.

The district education office in collaboration with the Bhutan Amateur Athletics Federation and Buli Central School organised the event for the first time in the district.

Pema Samdrup, Zhemgang

Edited by Sonam Pem

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