Almost complete bypass to expand commercial farming in Nubi Gewog

Commercial farming is expected to boom in four villages under Nubi Gewog in Trongsa. Thanks to the almost complete bypass in the gewog, which will soon open to traffic and provide a reliable mode of transportation to the villagers. More than a year-long construction of the 3.2-kilometre bypass between Gagar and Saengmbji villages is now about 90 per cent complete.

Few works such as laying of Granular Sub-base on the road surface and the construction of sideway drains along the marshy and rocky areas are ongoing. But they are also nearing completion.

Meanwhile, 80 households in Gagar, Karzhong, Jongthang and Mangdephu villages are eagerly waiting for the bypass to open soon. It will cut short the travel distance between the four villages and Trongsa town by almost an hour.

This will help farmers to take their fruits of labour to the market on time, and ensure sustainable and productive farming in the future.

Via the previous road, the journey was long and affected farmers to transport their crops to market on time. But the new road will help us take our crops to Trongsa town without delay. All of us are motivated to do mass farming,” said one of the villagers, Ugyen Namgay.

Others also said the new bypass is expected to bring social and economic benefits to the villages.

“Now all types of vehicles can ply on the road. Getting a ride is not difficult unlike in the past. So that means, we can visit Trongsa hospital, Dzongkhag administration office in no time.”

The villagers said the existing farm road remains muddy and icy during the winter, making travel risky. However, they shared the road has brought fairly significant economic development to their villages.

Since the new bypass connects the ring road leading to the Nubi Gewog office, Saengmbji and Ueling villages can seek prompt services from the Gewog office.

The district administration is spending nearly Nu 17 M on the bypass construction project. The fund is being granted by the Government of India through its Small Development Projects.

But the benefits of better road connectivity are short-lived if it succumbs to neglect and disrepair. So, villagers hope the relevant agencies will rehabilitate the road as and when required.

Passang, Trongsa

Edited by Pema Lhaden

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