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A five day workshop on Poverty Environment Initiatives (PEI) and South Asian Network for Development and Environmental Economics (SANDEE) concluded in Paro, yesterday.

PEI is a global programme of UNDP and UNEP. It aims to provide financial and technical assistance to improve environment and climate outcomes that matter to poor people in Asia Pacific region. While SANDEE is a regional network that brings together researchers and decision makers from South Asia to address their environment problems.

The Poverty Environment Initiatives regional team meeting was held during the first three days for the Asia Pacific region and UN staff. It was aimed to share lessons on how mainstreaming is having impact. The meeting was themed “Making an impact for a Greener, Inclusive Economy- Lessons Learned and the Way Ahead”. Harnessing private investment, PEI initiative post 2012 and A Greening Asia Pacific PEI Regional Strategy among others are some of the topics discussed at the meeting.

The last two days of the workshop was on South Asian Network for Development and Environmental Economics. The meeting was targeted to share experiences and technical tools of environmental economics for greening development and how to move towards a green economy. The highlight of the meeting was the panel discussions on mineral wealth, fiscal revenues and environmental conservation and incorporating environmental issues into investment projects.

About 30 representatives from six South Asia and South East Asian countries attended the workshop. It was organized by GNH commission and UNDP.



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