Mobile network issue in Bumthang to be solved by this winter

Although reports show that Bumthang has a hundred percent mobile network accessibility, not every area in the district enjoys full network coverage. Both B-mobile and Tashi-Cell users in Bumthang are upset with the network issues. Besides the remote areas, the network problem has started occurring in Bumthang town as well. The issue was discussed in the recent Dzongkhag Tshogdu. 

In Ura, the problem is not only with calls. Even the internet speed is painfully slow.

“In Ura, the network coverage, often deemed good, is only on paper. In reality, Tashi Cell and Bhutan Telecom’s call service as well as network speed are poor,” said Pema Jamtsho, a resident of Ura.

“My customers are frustrated when they can’t connect to me while placing order for food. Moreover, it is inconvenient when customers want to make payments digitally,” said Tashi Pemo, who runs a hotel at Ura.

The situation is similar in several other places across the district.

“We got a new network tower after we complained to the Bhutan Telecom management about the network issues. However, the coverage has only worsened,” said Lham Dorji, a resident of Dhur in Chhoekhor Gewog.

Ura Gup Khandu Wangchuk said the poor mobile network is affecting the gewog office in delivering services to the people. “Tashi Cell network coverage was good at Shingkhar in the past but after the B-mobile tower was installed, the Tashi Cell network became hardly accessible. Likewise there is a lot of network fluctuation in other chiwogs as well.”

Both the telecom companies have plans to address the issues by constructing new network towers.

“The new towers will be installed at Domkhar, Chamkhar and Dekiling. Moreover, we have also upgraded seven existing towers. We are also working to improve the network connectivity in Ura Gewog,” said Nar Bdr. Raika, Manager of Bhutan Telecom office in Bumthang.

“The gewog administration has to submit to us a list of places where there are issues. We will then conduct a survey as to how many households are affected and if a new tower has to be installed,” said Pelden Dorji, Manager of Tashi Cell office in Bumthang.

According to Bhutan Telecom’s manager, the network issue in Bumthang town is due to congestion caused by increase in mobile users. But with new network towers coming up, people can expect the issues to be addressed by this winter.

Kipchu, Bumthang


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