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Phumzur and Kudra’s long wait for electricity- Trongsa

Jul 22, 2021

As nightfall approaches, darkness engulfs some 17 households of Phumzur and Kudra under Langthil Gewog in Trongsa. They still don’t have electricity. Watching the other side of the villages brightly lit with electricity, their longing for the service has turned into a desperate call. Residents said it’s time that their village gets electricity now.

When BBS visited Phumzur, one of the villagers, Pentang, was readying the meal for her family on a conventional oven. The wood burned in its luxury but Pentang, bare hands, struggled to keep her meals unspoiled by the raging fire in the oven.

Be it cooking, heating and brightening her home, it’s the wood and nothing else.

“We envy our neighbours who have their homes lit with electricity. So we would be grateful if we are provided with the power supply,” said Pentang.

With support from the Tarayana Foundation, she installed solar power in her home in 2007, but she said it has worn out over the years and remains unreliable most of the time.

“Such lighting is possible only during the sunny weather. And during the rainy season, we have to rely on kerosene lamps only,” she added.

Like her, there are also other households in the village, who are not able to use modern-day appliances for cooking, lighting and heating. And this has caused a lot of inconveniences, especially during summer.

Another villager, Sonam Choden said they get easy wood in winter but it is especially difficult in summer as they have to use damp wood for cooking.

“If we are provided with electricity, cooking would be easier anytime, even while working in fields,” she added.

According to Langthil Gup Sonam Dendup, besides cooking and lighting homes, the lack of electricity has caused inconvenience to villagers while charging their mobile phones.

“Without electricity, villagers travel to Jangbi, just to charge their phones. Jangbi is far away and it is taking a toll on people,” he said.

The issue was also tabled during the recent Dzongkhag Tshogdu session.

According to the Bhutan Power Corporation officials, the electrification work was delayed due to the pandemic. It was supposed to be executed in the 2019 – 2020 Financial year.

However, the corporation is all set to begin the work from the beginning of next year. They have allocated more than Nu 19 M for the electrification works for Phumzur and Kudra.

Until then, the 17 households would have to endure a little longer.

Passang, Trongsa

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