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Need for crematorium at Jangbi Chiwog in Trongsa

Jul 18, 2021

Crematoriums are important to any community as it is a place where bereaved families and friends can bid farewell to the dead for one last time with proper rituals and prayers. But with no designated crematorium, people of Jangbi Chiwog in Trongsa cremate near the fields or near the houses of the bereaved families.

Residents said having a crematorium in the community will help them perform proper funeral rites. They said the current practice is creating a lot of inconveniences.

“There are Lams and crematoriums in every chiwog. But we do not have one here in Jangbi. It will be convenient to have one now because the Dratshang has sent a Lam to the village,” said Lhajay, Jangbi Tshogpa.

“If one dies, the mourning household seeks an astrologer’s advice and cremate the body at the suggested place because we do not have other option. And as the village is situated very far, there is no crematorium nearby,” said Doelang, a resident of Phumzur.

“It’s scary to live in a house where the bodies are cremated nearby. And it also hampers health and hygiene. Moreover, children fear when a neighbour dies and is cremated nearby,” said Pentang, another resident of Phumzur.

“We have to pitch tents and prepare many things to perform funeral rites. And in the absence of a crematorium, the challenges only increase,” added Bago, another resident.

The people are yet to inform the local authorities.

“Right now, such proposals have not reached the notice of the gewog administration. However, we are ready to support them if the three villages agree to construct at Jangbi village,” said Sonam Dhendup, Langthil Gup.

Jangbi Chiwog with 64 households has about six hundred people.

Passa, Trongsa

Edited by Sonam Pem

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