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HRH Gyaltshab Jigme Dorji Wangchuck hands over Kalapang National Service Water Project to the people, Monggar

May 11, 2021

His Royal Highness Gyaltshab Jigme Dorji Wangchuck inaugurated the water supply infrastructure built by Desuups at the Kalapang National Service Water Project in Saling Gewog in Monggar yesterday. Ashi Yeatso Lhamo accompanied His Royal Highness. The irrigation and drinking water supply infrastructure was handed over to the people.

The construction of stream intake at source, reservoirs, water pipes and pressure tanks worth Nu 5.5 M started in December 17 last year.

His Royal Highness the Gyaltshab handed over the by-law on sustainable water management to Saling Gewog and other stakeholders. The by-law was drafted by the Monggar Dzongkhag Administration in consultation with the community of Kalapang. His Royal Highness also granted certificates and medals to the participants who were involved in De-suung National Service Project in Kalapang.

According to Saling Gup Choney Dorji, the water project will benefit 136 farmers living in 27 households of Kalapang chiwog under Saling Gewog. “So we are extremely grateful to His Majesty The King for initiating such projects in our gewog.”

Kalapang is a suitable place to grow vegetables and fruits on a large scale and on average each farmer earn more than Nu 100,000 by selling vegetables and fruits every year. Having abundant irrigation water now, farmers are even hopeful to grow more cash crops.

“I don’t have land shortage since I have five acres of land in Kalapang and five acres in Maang-ling. The responsibility to do agriculture farming lies in our hand but we had irrigation water shortage in the previous years. However, His Majesty The King has granted the irrigation water and it was also inaugurated today. So am thinking of working much harder despite becoming old,” said Pema Wangdi, a farmer in Kalapang.

“Though we can grow all kind of crops, due to shortage of irrigation water, all our handworks go in vain when the plants dry due to lack of water. So within a short duration of four to five months, the De-suup volunteers have successfully connected irrigation water to every household. Now we can do agriculture farming depending on our own capacity. We are so thankful to His Majesty The King for granting such water kidu,” added Samten, also a farmer in Kalapang.

Initially, Kalapang faced acute irrigation water shortage since there was only one reservoir supplying water to 27 households. However, with the completion of the water project, the water shortage has been addressed with the construction of four additional reservoirs with a capacity to supply 96,000 litres of water to the school and the village.

“Farmers of Kalapang have so much interest in doing vegetable farming. And His Royal Highness the Gyaltshab has been also aware of the bigger scope of vegetable farming at Kalapang chiwog and he instructed the Dzongkhag Administration to resolve the irrigation water shortage time and again,” said Ugyen Sonam, the Monggar Dzongda.

His Royal Highness also met with another group of De-suups on their way to work at the De-suung National Service Water Project site in Samdrup Jongkhar. His Royal Highness thanked them for their tireless service to the nation.

The water projects are part of the Desuung National Service to build water infrastructure across the country for the benefit of the people of Bhutan. DeSuung initiated the National Service in response to His Majesty’s Royal Command that the youth of Bhutan should have the opportunity to carry out national projects that will benefit generations, during the time of the pandemic. DeSuung works in partnership with the government and the Royal Bhutan Army in carrying out the projects.

Sonam Tshering, Monggar  

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