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Court sentences a 74-year-old man to more than three months in prison for circulating intimate videos

Apr 17, 2021

The Thimphu District Court sentenced a 74-year-old man to three months and four nights in prison for harassment as per section 462 of the Penal Code of Bhutan. The offence of harassment is a petty misdemeanour. The man, Sonam Wangdi, had circulated intimate videos of himself with a woman on social media last year.

Going by the judgment, Sonam Wangdi circulated the private videos to his friends through the social media platform, WeChat. Although the videos were made with consent from the woman, he circulated the videos without her consent. This is said to have caused grief and humiliation to the woman and her family.

As per the judgement, he is also ordered to pay compensation of more than Nu 22,000 to the woman. Meanwhile, he also refuted that he should be compensated as well since the videos also caused him embarrassment in front of his family, children and relatives. The court however dismissed his claims as he was the one who circulated the videos.

Meanwhile, the judgement stated that Sonam Wangdi could pay in lieu of the prison term. Sources said he may appeal to the high court.

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