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Water issue dominates the Gelegphu Thromde public debate

Apr 15, 2021

It was the water issue again that dominated the discussion as the two Thrompon candidates of Gelegphu faced each other during the public debate on Tuesday. Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, this time, the debate was conducted with a limited audience seated maintaining physical distancing. It was telecast LIVE on national television.

The Thrompon candidate from Jampeling constituency, Tikaram Kafley questioned the candidate from Trashiling constituency, Tshering Norbu about the feasibility of the latter’s pledge to provide drinking water supply to the thromde residents round the clock. Tshering Norbu said Gelegpgu Thromde has enough drinking water sources from the Mao river Water treatment plant, six bore wells at various locations under the Thromde area and Passangchhu water supply. He said it is possible with proper management.

During the first lockdown, we went without drinking water for a week. I had a call from one of my friend stating that there was a water leakage near Mao River. The volume of leakage water is quite big. The leakage of water could fill our tanker within 15 minutes. I asked him to make a call to the concerned official and it lasted almost a month without repairing the leakage. The reason they gave was, ‘could not find welder due to the COVID-19 pandemic’. There are many old pipes that need to be replaced with many leakages and plan carefully by visiting the site,” said Tshering Norbu, a Thrompon candidate.

He asked Tikaram Kafley about the disruption of the water treatment plant at Mao River by flash flood causing inconvenience to the public every year. He raised his concern about the suitability of the water treatment plant at Mao River. To this candidate Tikaram said 80% of the water supply in Gelegphu Thromde is from the Mao water treatment plant. He said the disruption of water supply at the water Treatment plant at Moa river is because of the ongoing boulders collection nearby the Water Treatment Plant. However, he said the issue would be resolved because the boulder extraction works will be moved away from the water treatment plant.

“In consultation with concerned officials, the boulder collection activities are diverted far away from the water treatment plant. In the past there were no water issues from the Mao River, it has been just a year to two with various activities by the public because of the activities of boulder collection by contactors without maintaining the appropriate distance from the Water Treatment Plant,” he said.

The candidates can continue their campaign till April 26, two days before Poll Day. There are more than 1,500 registered voters in Gelegphu Thromde.

 Karma Wangdi

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