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Voters of the three Thromdes anticipate realistic pledges

Mar 15, 2021

With the election of the Thromde Tshogdes just at the doorstep, people are hopeful of better facilities. Voters of Gelegphu, Phuentshogling and Thimphu thromdes are hoping for a better road network and enough water supply. They are expecting the new Thrompon to bring about equal development in the thromde areas.

The voters are eagerly waiting for realistic pledges. Most of them shared a common interest in road, water and drainage system.

“The previous Thrompon worked a lot but there is a lot that needs to be done. Firstly water and then roads. Electricity is not much of an issue. With the new Thrompon, we are hoping for better roads. Currently, the roads are dusty,” said Zangla, a voter in Gelegphu.

“Whoever becomes the next Thrompon, I want to request him/her to consider the issues here in our Samdrupling village. There is road connectivity in almost all places but the roads are not blacktopped. And there is also the need for street lights here. And water is another issue here,” added Dilip Subidi from Gelegphu.

Bhimal Kumar Ghalley in Phuentshogling added, “there should be balanced and equal developmental activities in the Thromde. Most of the developmental works are carried out in Phuentshogling, Phuentshogling Toed and Nyedrag. I live in Pekarzhing and it has seen less development.”

“Whoever is the new Thrompon, the Thrompon needs to develop the areas equally. Overall the road conditions need to be improved and there is a need for more city buses”, said Roshni Sharma in Phuentshogling.

“We are hoping that the new Thrompon would help us continue the construction of the road here. We also do not have water from the city and there’s a need for enough water. Water shortage is a common issue here in Thimphu. A poor drainage system is another issue and needs improvement,” said Wangda, a voter in Thimphu.

“We do not have water from the Thromde. The water here is sourced privately. Water is important to maintain hygiene and without proper water, it is difficult. So we are hoping for better water supply and road networks,” added Shacha, another voter in Thimphu.

For now, the posts of the Thrompons in Gelegphu, Phuentshogling and Thimphu are vacant.

But going by the talks of the town, there will likely be three aspiring candidates in Gelegphu, seven in Phuentshogling and four in Thimphu.

Meanwhile, the five-year term of the Thromde Tshogdes of Gelegphu, Phuentshogling and Thimphu ended last month.

As per the Election Act 2008, the new Thromde Tshogde should be re-constituted within 90 days on the date of expiry of the current Thromde Tshogde.

There are seven constituencies in Thimphu Thromde followed by six constituencies each in Gelegphu and Phuentshogling. And there are around 10,000 voters in the three Thromdes.

Meanwhile, the Thromde Tshogde for Samdrup Jongkhar will complete its term in September this year.

Kinley Dem & Tshering Zam

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