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Man escapes quarantine facility to meet parents, paro

Jan 21, 2021

A 33-year-old man from one of the quarantine facilities in Paro is accused of violating the quarantine protocols. According to a source, the man reportedly absconded the facility at around 6 am yesterday to visit his parents who lived some two kilometres away from the centre.
Police and health officials contacted his parents and confirmed his visit. The accused after learning that police were tailing him, showed up back at the quarantine centre of his own volition after over three hours. He was then tested for any infection, he tested negative.
Meanwhile, his parents and his sibling were directed to strict home quarantine for two weeks.
The accused returned from Bangkok on Tuesday. The incident took place the next day after he was placed in a quarantine facility.
According to police, the investigation will begin after the 21days quarantine term is complete.
Namgay Wangchuk, Paro

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