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Youth engaged in Orange Depots, Phuentshogling

Jan 13, 2021

In the wake of COVID-19 pandemic, Bhutanese youth are taking up works that were once left for foreign workers. This kind of initiative also helps in addressing labour storage. And for the first time in Phuentshogling, youth are seen packaging and loading the oranges at the depots.

Some 80 Bhutanese youth work at the depots. They are involved in packaging and loading the oranges exported to Bangladesh.

Usually, at this time, Indian labourers use to work at the depots.

Shiva Ghalley said, “given a chance, we can definitely do it. When Indians can do it, why not us?”

He added that he has been working there for more than a month now.

Another worker at the depot, Kishore Mongar said, “I have never tried such works before.”

Some of the workers said it is challenging as they have to work even during the night. Workers earn Nu 15 for packaging a box of oranges whereby they earn around Nu 600 per day.

“Being a student, we could earn some pocket money,” Kishore added.

They said it is an opportunity for the Bhutanese rather than staying idle at home.

“Due to COVID-19, many people lost their jobs. And young people are returning home. I have seen many staying idle at home. So, I think it is important for us to motivate them in taking up this kind of works,” said a university graduate, Vijay Ghalley.

However, exporters said, although Bhutanese youth are putting effort, Indian workers seem more efficient.

In the last one month, Phuentshogling exported oranges worth over Nu 25 M.

Sonam Penjor, Phuentshogling

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