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Shopkeepers undergo test to replace the existing shops in Thromde, Thimphu

Jan 12, 2021

In order to provide equal opportunity to all shops in Thimphu amid the lockdown, over a hundred shops operating till now will be replaced starting tomorrow. This is to let the incoming shops clear their old stock and to let their businesses sustain. To this effect, over a hundred shop owners underwent tests for COVID-19 today.

Currently, there are over 250 shops operating in Thimphu. And these shops were operational since last month. Upon the request of many shopkeepers, Thimphu Thromde identified 190 shops which will open from tomorrow.

“We are doing this because there are many shops which have remained closed since the lockdown. And they need to clear the stocks. So, we are providing equal opportunity,” said Kinlay Dorjee, the Thimphu Thrompon.

Such an initiative is also in line with the agreement between the existing shop owners and Thimphu Thromde. The Thrompon said that Thromde has informed the existing shopkeepers that new shops will open after 20 to 21 days.

However, zones which do not have any shops will be provided with mobile shops on vehicles. The existing shops in zones with an excessive number of shops will have to close by today.

“For instance, there are ten existing shops in a zone. However, other shops in that zone also want to open. In order to do that, first, we have to close those ten shops. And in some zones, there is just a sufficient number of shops. In those zones, we have let the new shops open and also keep the previous shops open,” said Thrompon Kinlay Dorjee.

All 190 shops were selected based on the number of shops in zones, lucky dip and from the registered shops during the 1st nationwide lockdown.

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