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No travel for those who do not own a private car?

Jan 7, 2021

With the inter-dzongkhag travel restriction still in force, the government has facilitated travel for stranded people in various parts of the country since a few days back, but what of those who do not own a private car?

BBS spoke to the 1010 help desk and learned that they are planning to arrange buses for them; however, it is still uncertain, when. Even if it comes by, buses will be arranged only if enough people are travelling to a particular place. 

For those without private vehicles, it’s not just outbound travelling that is worrisome. Visiting flu clinics and sampling stations is also a challenge. Recently, the 1010 call centre adjusted a few people with those who had vehicles, but it questions the safety of people and how long it will go. 

However, the Chief Programme Officer with the Health Ministry, Rixin Jamtsho said it should not be an issue as there are many flu clinics across the town. Nine flu clinics are covering all the places with a high-density population in the city. 

He added, ”for the faraway places like Hongtsho, Chamgang, Kabisa, Begana, and Changtagang, we arrange health officials to test and collect samples.”  Moreover, the ministry is planning to increase the number of mobile flu clinics to five. Currently, there are only two.

”We will purchase three additional buses in preparation for future emergencies and for the mobile flu clinics. So this will solve the issues faced by people without private vehicles,” added Rixin Jamtsho.

Meanwhile, people stranded in districts other than Thimphu can reach out to their respective district task force for travel facilitation

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