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Providing uninterrupted services during times of disaster- BT

Dec 4, 2019

To ensure continuity of Telecom Services in times of disaster, the Bhutan Telecom implemented a Business Continuity Plan Project today. The project will help restoring telecommunication services if in case disaster happens in the future.

During natural disasters like earthquakes, floods and landslides, communication networks get jammed. This is because many subscribers use the service at the same time. So making calls to rescue team, friends and families will be literally not possible. As part of the project, Bhutan Telecom carried out several workshops and drills on how to recover telecommunication services if it is affected during the times of disasters.

“It is a business continuity plan project. How you look at ensuring continuity of telecom services on times of disaster. Today is the final drill where we show to our consultants how we can respond in times of disasters and recover the services as soon as possible so that other rescue activities in times of disasters are not hampered,” said Karma Jurme, the Chief Executive Officer of Bhutan Telecom.

Officials say the plan prepares them to use the limited resources available during disasters which remain undamaged or unaffected. The technical corporation programme was implemented with assistance from the Japan International Cooperation Agency.

Pema Seldon Tshering

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