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Early paddy harvest in Korphu; a race against wild boars

Nov 9, 2019

Farmers in some parts of the country have started harvesting paddy while others are still waiting for the right time. But paddy growers of Korphu Gewog in Trongsa are harvesting paddy even before it is ready. The reason is ravaging wild animals. Farmers say wild boars have been increasingly damaging their crop.

Located beautifully in the foothills of the popular black mountains, Korphu has suitable climatic conditions to grow paddy and other crops. And therein lies the villages of Nabji, Nyimzhong and Korphu. Living with wildlife every year means their hard work goes in vain. And this year, more wild animals especially wild boars damaged paddy and waiting any longer would mean losing everything to it.

“These time more wild boars frequented our paddy fields. So everyone has started to harvest before it is fully ripened,” said Chimi Lhamo, from Korphu Gewog in Trongsa.

“Boars come in groups and destroy our crop. Of course, they don’t eat but they trample and make it difficult for us to harvest,” said Tashi Jamtsho, also from Korphu Gewog.

“For Nabi Chiwog, it is convenient to grow and guard as they live near paddy fields but for Korphu, it is troublesome,” added Pema Gyeltshen, the Korphu Tshogpa.

“There is no help from gewog office so far. We are expecting electric fencing or some other support to solve the problem,” said Thinley Dorji, also from the same gewog.

The gewog administration is aware of the problems and assured that it will be solved from next harvest season if the plan comes through.

“The problem is genuine and we are planning to address it. Either we will construct channel fencing or electric fencing based on the convenience. And it is included in our 12th five-year plan,” said Sangay Khandu, the Korphu Gup.

About 100 households grow paddy in Korphu Gewog. Farmers also cultivate cardamom which might take over paddy if problems with wild animals continue.


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