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Importance of online presence for businesses

Choni Dema, Thimphu
Aug 30, 2019

Online presence and use of social media could help in scaling their businesses say the entrepreneurs. Over eighty entrepreneurs came together to discuss their challenges and possible solutions to address them during the two-day workshop on Druk Entrepreneurial Challenge held in Thimphu. 

For the Bhutan Molay Travels, a  tour company that targets women empowerment by providing employment opportunities and platform for women to meet new people and exchange ideas, the workshop is an opportunity to discuss ways to reach to their clients.

“I am having difficulty in getting clients internationally. But through this workshop, I have been able to launch a YouTube channel and was able to connect with the travel agents across the globe. I have been able to get some mentors as well so it has been great progress,” Seldon, the owner of Bhutan Molay Travels, said.

Similarly, other participants say in this digital age it has become important for the entrepreneurs to make their online presence to reach to their clients.

“We cater online bus ticket, taxi and flight ticketing service in the country. Currently, we participated in this programme to learn more about how Australians do their business and we got the opportunity to go to Australia and then connect with the Australian companies. It has given us an opportunity and an idea to start up Hello Bhutan, a call centre services that could cater to international clients and as well as the Bhutanese companies out here,” Jigme Thinley Yoezer, the founder of Druk Ride, said.

The Druk entrepreneurial challenge is a final component of the Australia Awards short course for Bhutanese entrepreneurs after 19 entrepreneurs visited Australia in May this year for two weeks to learn the entrepreneurs’ ecosystem.

The facilitator of the program, Wendy Perry said, “the main aim of this workshop is to scale up as many businesses from Bhutan as possible and for the entrepreneur to take their business at next level.”

Entrepreneurs were also awarded cash prizes for the best business ideas, business solution and challenges.

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