Electrical incinerator to be set-up on trail basis

Over Nu. 12 million was spent for setting up the four incinerators at Hejo cremation ground in Thimphu. Due to various reasons the incinerators remained idle for over a decade now. However, six months from now, these incinerators will be functional. On a trial basis, one of the existing diesel-incinerator will be renovated and run on electricity.

The Thimphu Thromde has decided to do away with the diesel incinerator as it consumes about 40 to 45 litres of diesel to cremate a body. The electrical crematorium, which is yet to be installed, is expected to be user-friendly. It is said to take about two and half hours to cremate a body. It would consume about 200 to 250 units of electrical energy, which would cost about Nu. 300.

“If you look at the traditional way of cremating, each body consumes 300 kilogrammes of firewood, impacting too much on the deforestation,” said Pema Dorji, Deputy Chief Environment Officer, Thimphu Thromdey.  

He said that on an average 58 to 60 bodies are cremated in a month. “Even the electricity consumed is less, basically six times cheaper than running on LPG or diesel system.”

Pema Dorji said, if successful, it would be replicated in other Dzongkhags as well. It will be renovated at a cost of Nu. 2.9 million, including the expenses of equipment and installment charges. A consultancy firm from Bangkok, Thailand will train the technicians in the country to handle the machine.

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