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Why engineers resign?

Feb 29, 2012

At the time when so many development works are taking place in the country, a lot of engineers, civil and architect, are resigning from civil service. About 35 engineers resigned in the last one year from the Department of Road alone. Few more are contemplating resigning.

What could be the reasons?

Often money is cited as the main reason. But not always. Many engineers, who would not want to come on camera, cited job dissatisfaction as the main reasons. Some have other reasons.

Ugyen Dorji, a senior architect, having served for 18 years resigned in 2009. Before resigning he served as the officiating Thrimpon for two years. He said he was selected to a higher post, through open selection process. “I was called by the RCSC and told me that I was selected and asked for the audit and police clearance. In the meantime, I had to go abroad for about three-week and when I was back; all my things were tied up and kept behind the door and there were somebody who never sat for the interview,” he remembers. The post had already filled up.

After that he was transferred to the Ministry, where he stayed for one year without any work. When he asked for work, he was told he was too qualified for their need.

Some have different reasons. Druba Raj is also an architect who resigned from the civil service so that he can put to practice his skills and creativity. “I left civil service because there is so much works in the private sectors, not only in the private sectors, even in the government plans and manifestos. It is full of infrastructure projects, which requires engineers and architects and my main reason was to take part in these big projects.”

Our reporter Kuenga Tashi said that many of them would not want to be quoted or come on camera. However, they did say that they never got to apply their creativity and skills in the civil service.

“We land up doing a lot of administrative work,” said one. Another said even if they can apply their creativity and skills, it gets modified by their bosses who are not professionals.

One engineer cited lack of training as another reason. He said in his nine years of service he got to travel only once, which he said was very ‘de-motivating’.

The Secretary of the Ministry,Dasho Dr. Sonam Tenzin, who is currently on a tour to the east disagreed with the allegations and said they are allowed to work professionally. He, however, agreed that the engineers and architects have to face lot of hardships in the civil service.

“The hardships they have to face, the occupational hazards that they have to face is tremendous, secondly I think, the engineering works are always associated with accounting, they have to be accountable, and many of the engineers did not get audit clearance for their promotions and because of this their promotions have been held up,” the Secretary reasoned out.

However, Dasho added that they are working towards retaining the engineers and experts by giving incentives.

5 Comments for “Why engineers resign?”

  1. Is government of Bhutan is that much depend on few people, if they want to go means let them go, it ll not affect any thingy. Since there are many young, energetic, brilliant, genius and highly qualified people are waiting behind them.They can substitute them with batter way. Besides, it can solve employment problem for youth.

    • Pem chox

      u don’t understand one thing. all those resigning engineer”s are qualified-who probably might have got scholarship on merit basis.we can’t afford to lose these people.when engineer miscalculate, nation collapse. Nowadays, i see a lot of students doing engineering courses in India. Most of private students are below average students according to merit basis.Even there are some who took commerce in 12 n now he is doing engineering..i wonder what could be the most simple disaster these people will bring if they come to a post by chance..widen your horizon please. we are not talking about few unemployed people,it is the nation’s call..

  2. ching

    I quote Mr Ugyen Dorji “Ministry, where he stayed for one year without any work. When he asked for work, he was told he was too qualified for their need”.
    its true happening in Bhutan and rcsc too demotivates the hardworking person, recently i met a engineer from DOR at kolkota airport and was asking him, “are you for studies? he said if i do master i will be too qualified for govt. need an i cann’t even use my B tech knowledge.i wonder….? and same thing happen for with RCSC, i asked one of the officials in-charge in RCSC to cont. my PhD, without any reason, he responded to me just a big NO!..
    with this i really fear how our govt can retain the experts, i m definite that the intellectual will not stagnant their academic knowledge and they are certain to leave the job and go abroad. Its shame on govt to if Mr ugyen is right. thats why we can see poor planning and ugly structures. The Boss who is not an engineer cannot be boss to rectify the engineers mistake so need to do something and think out of box our bossssssssss

  3. 5kg

    At some extend, I agree with tashi, but remember there are more than 70% civil servant dissatisfied with the work. One day the situation might come, only the young and energetic mis-matched person might be in the post.

    The issues are still going on regarding the retention of teachers forcefully framing different kinds of political rules, Now the dieases are spreadng to the other profession as well.

    Though Bhutan is democratic country with freedom of speech-where people are made to talks less ;freedom of press and media but scrutinized before the publication, infact nobody will agree to come on the cemara, otherwise you and whole generation of the family will be marked.

    Its my sincere request to the RCSC big bosses to do the things right for the people in right procedure to the right people, so that most of Bhutanese will get satisfied even after failing and serve the country.

  4. This is a very sketchy picture.
    I don’t understand why reporters do sketchy work.
    Take time an do a good study before you present them to the public.

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