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Mysterious woman?

Feb 25, 2012

She walks around like she owns the world. Everyone who lives in and around the main vegetable market in the capital sees her every day but knows little about her. People visiting the vegetable market notice her every time they visit the market. When our reporter, Yeshey Tshokey, followed her she was found sitting at the corner, dressed in her usual attire.

“Grubby hair, round plump face, dressed in yellow and lime green brocade, a long piece of metal across it, tarred hand and feet in her almost worn out slipper,” says our reporter.

Everyone who passes by stops and giggle at her. Some don’t, but turn around and gives a second glance. Children hold their parent tight, fearing her. Everyone wonders who she is. It is of no use talking to her as she would not answer to a single question. She shies away from the camera and walks away. Even people living in the area,do not know her name or where she came from.

Some say they have seen her around for last seven years, while some say she has been around for three to four years.

Most of them say she is not a nuisance. She walks around the whole day collecting cartoon boxes and selling them for food and a little drink. Some people said they call her Aum ‘Champoen’ for the dances she does at times and the way she is dressed.

For now and for long, no one seems to know who she really is or the story behind her for living her life the way she does. But everyone might see her loitering in that area every day collecting cartoon boxes, occasionally begging, dancing and standing around being the mystery woman.

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  1. Dawa desel

    I think national commission for women and child protection centre should look into this matter/situation otherwise this young lady will become the sport of evil society. she is not safe at all. Already we have seen the rise in social crimes in thimphu. And as a human instead of mocking and giggling at this poor lady its everyone’s duty to provide help/support atleast to find her safe shelter.

  2. sonam

    i strongly agree with dawa desel…how long can she go on being a mysterious girl.

  3. chhimi

    I heard from reliable sources that she even has a son , some 5-7years old being taken care by other people in the city. probably she does not even know his dad and was almost killing the little baby.
    Thimphu Dzongkhag Administration people seem to know a bit more about her. check it out!

  4. tharpa

    I think responsible agencies should do some thing for her. It is so pathetic to see her in this condition. I have also seen vagabond (a man) living and begging just near to jatu furniture house.

  5. The philosophy GNH gets flooded here. Many people in that society enjoys luxuries life but mysterious woman crawls day and night meeting her ends. How selfish we are? Is it really in that line of penury where we cant feed her some amount? The country with the beautiful religion Buddhism gets negligent. After lying on the cushioned bed contemplate and get into her shoe and realize how cruel the monster you are? what you dreamed after realization? Unpleasant nightmares if you are human being.Your theoretical wealth in religion wouldn’t be enough for your enlightenment., practical please! Please give her a chance to enter your world.

  6. pupu

    i totali agree with dawa desel

  7. Jimmy

    Cool & well described article, but besides describing the way she look & the way she survives, what is the purpose of posting this article? Why such a happy society don’t even care for those who are lost? so sad to read “Everyone who passes by stops and giggle at her. Some don’t, but turn around and gives a second glance. Children hold their parent tight, fearing her” Hope GNH will have something to do with the issue! Seriously God Bless her & thanks for the article

  8. tselam

    From my opinion i think responsibility falls on everyone who witness her, to find who she is, from where, where does she belongs to & the reason of becoming mysterious. If we could find all those, then she may turn back to her life.

  9. jewel

    Who do you refer when you say responsible agencies, Tharpa..? Everybody are busy with their own duty. The poor individual cant help albeit he/she has the heart to help. The wealthy individual doesn’t see those desperate creatures.
    And some are talking about GNH. If he/she is wealthy and happy, devoid of any problem, no matter wherever he/she may dwells, the place becomes the oasis of GNH.

  10. yonkaryoe

    I felt sad when i read this article.when you are popular and have something people may respect you and you will have many fridends..but when you don’t have anything ,no body will cares you,even ur family and friends.everybody will laugh at u and giggle at you.so remember that why it is necessarily you all to ignore her without any reason..it is not funny.”place your shoes in her place n see how you feel”.we bhutanese are choesem people and should help her…

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