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Suspects arrested

Feb 25, 2012

(Stabbing update) Two suspects involved in a stabbing case on Wednesday have been arrested early this morning. One was caught at Chubachu while the other suspect was arrested from Olakha. Both of them are school dropouts.

During the incident, a student of Motithang Higher Secondary School was stabbed above the weekend vegetable market. According to the hospital, the student suffered multiple wounds on his head and back. Doctors described it as minor injury.

Meanwhile a 27 year-old man who was operated in the early hours of Thursday is improving and is in a stable condition. The man suffered stab wounds on his abdomen with bowel injuries. He was referred from Wangduephodrang.

5 Comments for “Suspects arrested”

  1. dareme

    hows that photo related to this news??instead of that,suspects photo should be ther..high time to show their faces to public.

  2. Cheten Norbu

    that is true .. we will be grateful if you can upload suspects photo

  3. Khaws

    Yes right! Dareme, it there is any related with the stabbing case, that ALTO. please don’t fool the viewers and readers with such picture. Please the their face as said by dareme.

  4. pd

    hahaha this might b the place where he was seen running last time.

  5. tenzzz

    no more samphathy to such culprits.

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